George Corwin Steals?

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George Corwin, Essex County’s High sheriff, is accused for stealing from the opposed witches in the village of Salem. In this small village, families have lost all their fortune to George Corwin. According to law, it was George’s job to confiscate all the belongings from the accused, that money is then used to support the accused’s family while they are in jail. But the question many ask is, where is all the money?

George Corwin’s job was to execute, and confiscate, also he wrote the warrants and arrested them. On September 16th, 1692, he was put in charge of the interrogation of Giles Corey, who also lost all his belongings to George. Giles Corey was later pressed to death for refusing a trial. George Corwin was the one to kill Giles by piling rocks on him until he either confessed or died, which Giles Corey never confessed. And also hung Bishop on June 10th, 1692 by driving her to a tree and blindfolded he. On the way they tried to get her to confess, which of course she refused. He then tied her skirt tight around her the kicked a ladder out from under her. Bishop and Giles weren’t the only ones he killed either. George Corwin was accused of stealing the money, and went to court for it on May 15th, 1694.

George Corwin died of a heart attack in 1697. Not many villagers will remember George Corwin as a good person. Many villagers hated this man for what he did to those families, who never saw their wealth again. People like Philip and Mary, and Giles Corey, or Jacob, lost everything because they were accused of being witch or wizard. No one knows why he did what he did but most say he was just greedy. Others say it was because he thought no one in their family deserved it or needed it. Those he stole from were left with absolutely nothing and almost always, with no way to make money. If they were lucky they got about 1/10 of their wealth, and almost all of them had kids. Many ask if he was really honest, or if he lied about everything he said about taking the money? George Corwin was buried in Massachusetts, USA, the time is unknown. Further information on this case will be shared with the public.