The Most Dangerous Game

by: Shaylee McNeil, Alexis Lavene, Colton Bredenkamp

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Point of View

3rd person limited

It is third person limited because narrator is telling the story the way Rainsford sees the situations. And we only know Rainsfords thoughts and emotions.


The most dangerous game is about a man named Bob Rainsford, he falls off a boat and he thankfully finds shelter and who has a luxury look and is a really good hunter and his name is General Zaroff. Rainsford kept wondering what could he be hunting on a isolated island. He finally started to realize that General Zaroff hunts men. Zaroff starts to hunt Rainsford and he fights to stay alive for three days. And Rainsford has no way out. And Rainsford knows that he has to murder Zaroff or be murdered.

Summary Video

The Most Dangerous Game, by Richard Connell (MPL Book Trailer #166)

Story Critique

Yes, we liked the book and we recommend it to anyone who likes hunting and stories like this. We thought it was carefully thought out. And used lots of good descriptive words and literary devices. It caught are attention the whole time and had us at the edge of our seats.
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3 literacy Devices

Simile- Compares a Moonless Caribbean night and its like moist black velvet. Compares a Caribbean night with no moon to a moist black velvet.

Metaphor- blood warm waters of the Caribbean Sea to compares to the warmth of the warmth to the warmth of blood.

Personification- muttering and growling of the sea.

Movie Trailer

The Most Dangerous Game (2014) Trailer