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Monday, October 12, 2020

Important Dates

11/18- Picture Retake Day

11/25-11/27- NO SCHOOL- Fall Break


FREE meals are available to ALL students through December through a USDA federal program. Parents do not need to do anything for their child to receive a free meal.

There are many high school students who are not taking advantage of this free meal opportunity at lunch, resulting in unnecessary charges to their meal account. This is because they are not taking the minimum required meal components for a free meal.

Here is an example:

A student selects Pizza, Water and Chips. They are charged for all 3 items. If this same student took only one serving of a fruit or vegetable such as carrots, a small juice box or an apple, the pizza would be FREE along with the fruit or vegetable. This would result is a savings of $2.00. The student would still be charged for the Water and Chips.

The same thing applies to ANY entree from ANY serving area. Simply by adding a fruit, vegetable (excluding grill fries) or milk, the entrée is FREE along with the fruit, vegetable or milk.

If you have any questions about this program, please call our Food Service Department at 402-537-6250.

Library Overdue Notices

Your child may receive a library book overdue notice at their school email this week for books from last year. After completing inventory, we have scanned every single book in our possession. Please return any overdue library materials. There will be no overdue fines. Email Mrs. Liz von Nagy with questions at

College Possible

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PLCS Athletic and Activity Guidelines

UPDATES to the Athletic and Activity Guidelines. These guidelines have been put in place by the Metro Conference for High School Athletics. Please see the link below for more information:

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Attendance Info

If your student will be absent or arriving late, please contact Brenda Jung in the attendance office before 9:00 am. Written notes are not accepted.

Call or email 402-898-0413 or

State your name, the student's name, grade, date of absence, and reason for absence.

A message may be left if the line is busy or if it is before or after school hours. Messages are checked frequently.

For appointments, please try to call at least 30 minutes before your student needs to leave school. Do not come in; your student will meet you outside.

For medical appointments, please have your student bring a doctor's note to the attendance office.

If you know of an upcoming absence, you may call or email in advance; you do not need to wait until the day of the absence to notify the attendance office.

Parents may check attendance records anytime by using the district app.

Thanks for your help!

Reminder- Building is Closed to Visitors

We wanted to remind you that visitors are allowed in the building by appointment only, this includes parents.

If you should need to get something to your student, please bring it in a bag with their name and grade written on it.

Please remember that there are no food deliveries allowed to the school. This includes fast food being brought by a parent. Only a sack lunch from home can be brought to a student. Someone will meet you at the door and have it delivered to your student. If you need to speak with a staff member in person please call 402-898-0400 and we can have them contact you for an appointment time. Thank you for your understanding and stay safe.