"Budget Report" Writing Activity

By William Yoon

My Family

This is my family! My wife (Wilma) is on the left, my son Kai is at the top, my cat Goofy is at the bottom, and I'm on the right.

My Car

This is my 2015 White Dodge Dart SXT. It was hard finding the right car because all of the cool looking cars were expensive. I wanted to get the newest car while still being in budget.

My Apartment

Finding an apartment that could fit my budget was hard. When I looked through the house book, I realized that I couldn't buy a house with my budget, so I looked through the apartments book instead. Apartments are not cheap either, so I just found something that fit my budget and chose it (my apartment).

Paying Bills

Paying my bills was not bad. It was just annoying. Having to write down everything you pay for is annoying. I didn't want to write anymore after the 10th one.


To be honest, I hated it. It was so annoying to have a budget because you had to keep on going back to find cheaper items. It was super aggravating to find out that you are $5-10 off of the $150 budget.

My Budget

Overall, it was easy yet annoying trying to fit everything inside my monthly budget. Not being able to do/get some things was really aggravating.