Moore News From 3rd Grade

brought to you weekly by Mrs. Moore

The Week of January 12-15

Man, I won't even say it! Anyway, don't forget this is a short week with early dismissal on Thursday and no school for the kids on Friday. Our regular routine is a bit out-of-sorts with mid-year assessments. I have completed Running Records and tomorrow (Monday) we will finish up Math MAP testing. This week we will take out Module 6 Math test and a Quarterly Test that covers Modules 4-6. I will also take each student individually to ask them facts and strategies that they use (this will include dividing by 2,4, 5,10 and multiplying by 4, 8, 0, 1).

Crazy Hair Day will be on Thursday, Jan. 22!

Upcoming Luau!

I originally told the kids we'd plan for Monday, January 26, but Miss Patula would like to come and see the kids, so we are now tentatively planning for the 29th or 30th. I will let you know next week what we are in need of. Start digging out the Hawaiian shirts, grass skirts, flip-flops, etc.! We will have an optional dress-up contest!

(Pictured below is last year's Luau!)