Our School Within Us

About how we feel our teachers should teach

Our Teachers

We either need new or more advanced teachers. We think that our teachers would benefit us if they, gave us more guidance to where we want to go in life. What is the point if we don't have a subject that is interesting. Odds are we would fail in class and never get to our goal. This is a problem that needs to change. Do we look forward to doing after school classes? Or just school in general. Bingo! No we don't. Instead we think of the long hours of study that will come to us if we fail. This is the last thought we need! Parents, tell your children about the wonderful gifts that come with this. I know you may be thinking, " Really, you want me to do this? It's a stupid idea! " the truth is it might not be. A. Your child knows his or her teacher better. B. You have a clean slate. Give them the chance to catch up to the group. C. They get a real life experience! No you don't exactly have to say, " It's good because..." but if everyone could see the good in things and not just the bad.. I guess what we're trying to say is that school is a great way to learn, I think it will always be, we just need some improvement. WE NEED SCHOOL!!!!!!!!

What do we Look for?

There is some criteria that every teacher needs. For your child's dream school we want teachers that...

  1. We expect teachers who will be eager to serve an understand his or her students
  2. We expect teachers who will make a sure understanding of a topic before moving on
  3. We expect teachers who will not give out abusive punishments to those who don't complete assignments and or projects in school.
  4. We expect teachers who will stand with purpose supporting the needs of others
  5. We want teachers that will give fun activities that relate to the lesson to help improve the way they learn
  6. We want teacher that will have an open space learning

Summer Learning Loss

This is a problem. Maybe you can help by commenting below. Share tips and your brilliant ideas. Remember, anything will help! :)
Summer Learning