over winter break

with Emma Moburg

Winter Break

This is what I did over winter break, I hope you like it!!!


emmas winter break
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The Zoo!

i went to the zoo with my Nana and my brother Charlie. the coolest thing that i saw there was the arangatang it came up to the glass and looked at us, then we realized that there were two more arangatangs. but they were not as playful as the first one we saw. and that was some of my trip to the zoo.

Amazing play!

at amazing play were was also a thing that you get in and it makes you jump very high me and my brother went on that and we had a great time.

Kansas City Zoo's Penguin Plaza
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also Avery came to my house to spend the night. we had a lot of fun! she and her mom came for dinner and thy brought a cheese cake and a cookie cake! I woke up early at about 7:00 but for Avery she woke up at about 10:00! but at the end we had a great time!