Inversion Table-Teeter Hang Ups

Back Pain Can Be A Thing of The Past

Learn About What An Iversion Table is and More On Teeter Hang Ups

Having problems with back pain or joint complications? Is stress making a big impact on your health? If yes, it's time to throw away those painkillers and the pills you've been using, why? Because what you need is an inversion therapy, and nothing does this better than an inversion table.

An inversion table is among the best fitness equipment you can have in your possession. Fitness experts talk about it; doctors recommend it, and the best part is that it has worked pretty well for those who have used it. To understand why I give an inversion table much credit, let us take a look at some of the reasons that make it the best choice.

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Too much painkillers and pills in your system is unhealthy, surgery isn't friendly and the worst part is that these complications can paralyze your body by injuring your spinal code if left untreated. With an inversion table, it is all about keeping your body fit.

The table works by stretching and improving the spinal code and the whole body and, as a result, it relieves back and joint pains. Apart from keeping your spinal system healthy, using an inversion table is proven to ease stress, increase flexibility, improve fitness and lastly build core strength.

There are more than enough inversion tables you can find in the market. They come with different designs and prices depending on your preference and pocket. Some of them might have additional specs, but what you must understand is that they work just the same. Below are some of the inversion table specs that makes it vital for your health and fitness.


  • Adjustable Frame - The frame can be adjusted depending on your body height or just your preferred height for efficiency.

  • Seat and backrest made of foam - This is to ensure you are comfortable while doing the exercises. Most of them have backrests made of vinyl foam.

  • Ankle Lock - The ankle lock purpose is to hold you in position and ensure you don't fall when the table is inverted.

  • Heating system - Some of the inversion tables offer infrared therapy that makes the backrest warmer and as a result it relaxes and cure the back pain.

The other thing that makes an inversion table unique compared to other fitness machines is that it allows you to do several exercises you need to stay fit. As a result you don't need to spend an extra penny for other machines.



If you've been searching for a home gym that can give you the best abdominal workouts, then inversion table is unquestionable. The machine allows you to do pull-ups by just holding your ankles into place and being in an inverted position. You can also do sit-ups and crunches on top of the table when placed horizontally. What makes the inversion table efficient to such exercises is that you can adjust it according to the angle you prefer and also that is conducive to the workout you are trying to do.


You can easily forget to stretch after the workout with most of the fitness machines, but not with an inversion table. Inversion table will automatically stretch your body when you are in an inverted position. To ensure all your body is stretched correctly, you can twist from side to side when in an inverted position. According to fitness experts, it is the best choice when you need to stretch and properly align your spinal code.


If you are looking for extreme weight lifting, then look no further. Some weight lifters prefer lifting heavy weights when they are upside down, and with their ankles locked into place that is easier done with the inversion table. It is the most challenging and difficult exercise a weight lifter can do, but the overall results are just amazing. It is however not recommended for beginners especially those not used to lifting heavy weights.

If you've had issues related to back pains, then you must understand that the pain isn't to be ignored or assumed as others may think. You can go for drugs, but it won't be the best solution. Surgeries, on the other hand, are more of life-threatening moves worse than the back pain itself. If we try to dig deeper, we come to find that back pain is one of the complications that occur following lack of exercises.

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Your body isn't stretched properly, and lastly your core muscles are weak. How can we deal with this? Simple, teeter hang ups, why? The teeter hang ups are designed to give your body the workout it needs to keep your back muscles strong and to ensure proper alignment of your spinal code. To understand the effectiveness of this machine, let us take a look at some of the reasons you might want to consider it as a part of your budget.


Simple as the name suggests, a hang up, meaning your body is hanged up, but in an inverted position. Teeter hang ups is an improvement of an inversion table designed to alleviate pains related to weak core and back muscles. Apart from relieving back pains, teeter hang ups also allow you to keep fit by doing various exercises enabled by its specs. Among the exercises, you can do are, pull ups, stretching and more. According to users, it is among the best home gyms worth budgeting for and also quite efficient when it comes to performance.


The exercises involved in using the teeter hang up requires you to be in an inverted position. For this to happen you have to lie on your back on the teeter hang up while in a horizontal position and use the straps to hold your ankles in place to prevent you from falling when inverted.

The table is then tilted towards the floor so that your body is upside down. In this position, you can stretch, do pull-ups or any other exercise that may benefit from the force of gravity. To understand why you need to do this, let us take a look at some of the advantages of using teeter hang ups.


  • Improves blood circulation - Hanging upside down the teeter hang ups and stretching are proven to improve blood flow and to ensure proper functioning of the heart.

  • Reduces stress - Inversion therapy involved in using teeter hang ups, has some therapeutic benefits that entail doing away with stress and more.

  • Important for flexibility - With the machine, you can stretch all parts of your body and do workouts which is vital for flexibility.

  • Relieves pain in the joints and more - Hanging upside down the teeter hang ups stretches your tendons and muscles surrounding your joints hence reducing complications related to joint pains.

  • No need for back surgery - Teeter hang ups eliminate entirely the option of surgery as a way of dealing with back pain that is quite expensive and painful.


Before making a purchase of anything, it is always good to know what its users say about it. What you must know is that opinions will never be the same and not everyone will always appreciate every good thing. With the teeter hang up, we realize that most feedback are positive.

There are few issues with the price, but with what it can do, this should not be a problem. In conclusion, most of those who have used it appreciate it even more and for those who have issues with it complain of the price but still appreciate what it can do.

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In summary, teeter hang ups makes the top list of the best home gyms when it comes to performance. It is simple, space friendly and easy to use. If you ask me for a piece of advice, my answer may sound fictional, but the truth is that teeter hang ups is among the best simple and easy to use fitness equipment available in the market today.


We must agree that opinions differ and not even a product made by Jesus will be good for everyone. The funniest thing about, an inversion table is that there are very few negative feedbacks from its users. Most of the complaints are about the price.

For me, the price should not be a problem because there are more than inversion tables on the market to choose from according to what is in your pocket. On the other hand, feedbacks from those who are fond of it are more and proves otherwise. We can conclude that there are very few or no issues with the product.


The best thing about inversion machine is that even if there are imitators, the overall finish of the product is always the same despite the manufacturers. It is, however, important to note that, prices differ, opinions are vital and last but not least, being aware of the services that come with purchasing the product might save you some costs. If you fear making mistakes when it comes to buying a product, then I would advise you to go for Amazon.


i) YOU CAN GET AN INVERSION TABLE AT A CHEAPER PRICE - Unlike other sites, Amazon deals with both new and used products, but in good condition. If you can afford a new inversion table, you can search for the used ones.

ii) YOU DON'T HAVE TO BUY WITH YOUR CREDIT CARD - Amazon allows you to purchase via PayPal. If you fear credit card related crimes like thefts, Amazon says you mustn't use it.

iii) USER OPINIONS - Opinions for those who have had experience with the machine is always the best determinant of the product's worth. Amazon preserves both negative and positive reviews as guidance that is important especially when you are buying the product for the first time.

In summary, an inversion table solves complications related to being unfit. According to health and fitness experts, using an inversion table relieves back pains, improves spinal code, increases flexibility and lastly is vital for fitness.

The design is quite straightforward, but for those who understand it, an inversion table is much more than what it is designed to do.