Pizza Morpher

The best company that can turn your enemies into pizza!

Background about Pizza Morpher

Pizza Morpher was founded by Akaylia Sigafus in 2015. She came up with an amazing idea to morph humans into delicious pizza. Coming up for the name was a difficult decision says Akaylia from Time Magazine. After some designs on the whole company she decided to have a pizza museum!


- unlimited sick days

- 25 holidays

- unlimited vacation days

- same sex benefits

- free meals

- you won't be discriminated over your gender, religion, ext.

The Pizza Museum

Working at the Pizza Museum means you must be educated about the art of our pizzas. All you do is just show people all of the pizza's we have morphed. This is a very busy job because most people come here to see their favorite celebrities in pizza. A few of the celebrities we have are Elvis Presley, 2 PAC and many more. The best things about working at the pizza museum is that you work a hour everyday exception from Saturday and Sunday. You get 100 vacation days and for every holiday ( 24 ) you get a week off so that means you only have to work 97 days each year! Also, I know some may say that they would be scared or even frightened to work for me but once you are an employee at the Pizza Museum we sign a contract that states, "For no reason besides being fired are we the people of the Pizza Morpher allowed to morph you into a pizza." Further more, working at the pizza museum means that you get first look on our new exhibit coming soon, "Students from North Boone Highschool". Another fun thing is once a celebrities time has ended, you get to eat them! The pizza of course. So I suggest that you indeed apply for a job at the Pizza Museum soon because we will be eating Elvis Presley next week. Contact us at : (1)234-567-899 or even visit us in Narnia!