DancaTape Island

By Brooke, Kaley, and Dani

DancaTape Island

Have you ever had to decide between dance and duct tape? Well, now you don't have to, just simply come to DancaTape island! At DancaTpe island you can come and see some of our attractions like our duct tape outfit contest, design the best duct tape outfit and you getup to $5,000 and a lifetime suppluy opf duct tape! Or come and see our island of churches and you can leave with a souvineer, a duct tape bible! See the Land of a Thousand Mountains or come and see our resort called TuTu Town. The resort has two water parks and has rooms that look like a million bucks for a low low price! Ride the jeeps, they're even solar powered! Since the island is surrounded by water, ride our ballet boats (duck boats) from island to island to island. Our island is located in the Pacific Ocean, so come to one of our boats and they'll drive you to DancaTape island! Our island is paradise, so come to DancaTape island and bring the whole family, and I guarentee you will want to come back.
(Nature Relaxation w/ Music) Havasupai Indian Waterfall Relaxation Video by David Huting
Duct Tape Prom Top 10 Winners 2010

The Opening Of DancaTape Island

Tuesday, July 2nd, 10am to Saturday, July 20th, 10pm

40N 180W

Come and join us at DancaTape for the grand opening! DancaTape Island is located in the Pacific Ocean at 40N 180W. Bring the whole family!
Tropical Island Music