Kindergarten News

April 2019


Mrs. Singer returns Monday morning, April 15th!!! Please have your student wear her favorite color - PURPLE - to help celebrate her return!
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It's hard to believe my 12 weeks here at Sears School has already come to an end. Mrs. Schoof and your children surprised me with a farewell celebration after our picnic lunch that left me glowing with warmth and gratitude. I have LOVED getting to know your children and your families and feel privileged to have had even a small part in their journey to becoming lifelong learners. Thank you all for welcoming me into your community and allowing me to spend each day with your children. They are truly a special group, and I will miss each of my kindergarten friends and families!


We wrapped up our Poetry unit just in time for Mrs. Singer's return. We explored the power of word choice as we made "mental movies" in our minds listening to different poems. We were able to appreciate poets use of extraordinary words to make our mental images sharper and personal connections to poems stronger.

After celebrating the end of our Poetry unit, we read "Gossie" by Olivier Dunrea and made our own emergent readers retelling the story. We are learning to look for word endings such as '-ing', 's', and 'ed' to help us decode tricky words. We are also focusing on becoming more fluent readers so we don't sound like robots. Finally, we are paying close attention to punctuation so we know how to read with expression. Ask your child what happened to Gossie's bright red boots and how Gossie felt in the story.

In Words Their Way, we are all working on identifying digraphs (sh, ch, wh, th) and blends (st, bl, dr). We talk about the letters being "best friends" who love to be together. With digraphs, sometimes we only hear one of the letter sounds (wh, wr) and sometimes the letters work togther to make a completely new sound (sh, th, ch). With blends, we can hear both consonant sounds together. The kids are having fun searching for best friends in their books and shared readings!


We have finished our Personal Narratives and are officially published authors!!! The kids' stories are incredibly impressive! To celebrate, we visited Mrs. Szafoni's first grade class and read our books to them. We were all very excited to be up in first grade and to get a glimpse of what first grade will be like! We also recorded our stories on Book Creator and will be sharing them online shortly. In the meantime, be sure to ask your child what s/he wrote about in their story. Mrs. Singer will be starting the next Writing unit when she returns.


Please practice finding our Word Wall Words in books, magazines, signs, menus, and other places. Students should be able to recognize the words in a snap. Here are the words we've learned so far:

I, a, at, as, me, my, the, for, an, can, of, go, see, and, you, to, from, had, have, like, in, is, it, said, if, of, will, and, he, she, be, was, on, not, are, do, for, yes, no, but, her


We are cruising along with learning strategies to compare and combine sets of objects. We've been practicing holding one quantity (number) in our head and counting up on our fingers to see how many more or fewer different sets of objects have. We're also learning how to count back to solve simple subtraction problems. We love writing our own story problems and playing math games that lend themselves to storytelling. We've also been learning our doubles facts (2+2, 3+3, etc.) and especially like practicing them with our magic mirrors. Ask your child to show you how we do it.


We had a "blast" finishing up our Motion unit by exploring how air pressure helps launch rockets. We boarded Sears Airlines and jettisoned along with the astronauts. ;)

We are observing and learning about spring. The past two weeks we have been exploring weather. We are learning how to read a thermometer and have explored the role wind plays in our weather. We LOVED making wind socks and taking advantage of our windy weather to learn about the wind's direction! We have painted spring murals complete with green trees and baby birds. We are fantastic artists!


  • Monday, April 15 - Mrs. Singer returns!! Please wear purple!
  • Friday, April 19 - NO SCHOOL!


Book bags come home each week we have Guided Reading and should be returned to school the following Thursday or Friday. The books in your child's bag are a combination of books s/he can read independently and books that are at his or her instructional level. Your child will post a photo log of the books s/he is bringing home each week on Seesaw. Please be sure your student is reading books from his or her bag to you every night at home and sign the reading log in the book bag. Rereading books is an important skill on the road to becoming a proficient, fluent reader.