Ninety-One School

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year!

Message from Principal Joanna Tobin

Dear Ninety-One Families,

Welcome back to school! It's an honor to join the community. I have to say, I've been nothing but impressed and I'm very happy to be here. As we prepare for the year we have some exciting developments to share.

This year we have a particularly large 7th grade class. This presented a great opportunity to review the teaching schedule school-wide to allow for three groupings of 7th grade. We now have all K-8th grade students on the same bell schedule with six fifty minute periods and one thirty minute Middle School Extension at the end of the day. This presents unique opportunities for different grade levels to connect, collaborate and partner together. This structure brings the 6th grade into a 6-8th structure at the end of the day and also incorporates more time for Health/PE and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math).

We also have Art coming on board the second half of the year. The first half of the year students will access more library time. We have added a second Library Assistant to make this happen. This means we are creating a second literacy space in the primary area to provide flexibility for library and literacy teaching and learning.

Please look for more details throughout the newsletter. I look forward to an outstanding year as we connect, grow and learn together!


Joanna Tobin

Upcoming Events

8/26 Back to School Night

Back to School Night Schedule

5:30-6:00 Principal Welcome for New Families (courtyard)

5:30-6:20 Tours through the Building (leaving in small groups)

6:00-7:30 Welcome Fair Outside and in the Undercover Area - Teachers, PTO, Spike (the Bulldog Mascot) and Selfie Station, Athletics, Whiskey Hill Kids Soccer, School Info, Music and POPSICLES

8/30 First Day of School!

Kindergarten Appointments - Please call Cheryl Beyer with questions.

8/31 Kindergarten Last Names A-L

9/1 Kindergarten Last Names M-Z - Late Start

9/2 First Day for All Kindergarten Attending

9/3 No School

9/6 Labor Day

9/8 Late Start 10:00am All Students

Welcome New Staff and Staff New Placements

Marie Abell, Building Engineer

Maya Belsher-Howe - 7/8th Social Studies

Melissa Halton, Instructional Assistant

Rachel Hawkins, Art (2nd Half of the Year)

Lilly Hillyer, Library Assistant

Andrew Olney, Technology Assistant

Heather Parkki, Secretary 4

Brock Piert, SOAR Instructional Assistant

Erin Sargent, 1st grade (while Alyssa Robeck is out)

Kendyl Welker, Instructional Assistant

Staci Wilson, SOAR Teacher

2021-2022 Staff

Kindergarten: Mrs. Kirchhofer & Ms. Love

1st Grade: Mrs. Ensrud & Ms. Sargent (while Mrs. Robeck is out)

2nd Grade: Mrs. Hall, Mrs. Salisbury, & Ms. Snow

3rd Grade: Mrs. Vondrachek & Mrs. Hornseth

4th Grade: Ms. Lauren & Mrs. Perrin

5th Grade: Mr. Gingerich, Ms. Scott, & Mrs. Stenhjem

6th Grade: Ms. Hofer & Mrs. Kahut

7th/8th: Ms. Belsher-Howe, Mrs. Digby, Mr. Hornseth, & Mrs. Robert

Speech/Language: Mrs. Steinberg School Psychologist: Mrs. Walk

K-3rd Intervention/Reading Intervention: Mrs. Read

Instructional Specialist: Mr. Pauls Counselor: Mr. Scheer

Special Education K-5th: Mrs. Collett 6th-8th: Mrs. Nielsen (Mr. Thompson filling in)

English Language Development: Mrs. Wilson Bilingual Assistant: Mrs. Perez-Gramajo

PE/Health: Mrs. Sommer & Mrs. Swanson

Music: Mr. Ramirez Art: Rachel Hawkins

SOAR Teacher: Ms. Wilson & SOAR Instructional Assistant: Brock Piert

Behavior Specialist: Mr. Duris

Office Staff: Mrs. Beyer & Mrs. Parkki Records IA: Mrs. Bedortha

Health Assistant: TBD

Library: Mrs. Tamimi & Ms. Hillyer Technology: Mr. Olney

Instructional Assistants: Mrs. Halston, Ms. Pefferle & Ms. Welker

Custodians: Ms. Abell, Mr. Dickey, & Mr. Von Lam

Cafeteria: Ms. Hutchinson, Ms. Sanada, and - TBD

We're hiring! 91 Open Positions - Please spread the word!

Cafeteria Assistant - 3.5 Hours

Health Assistant - 6.5 Hours

MS Teacher - .5 FTE

Class Placement Information (Mailed Home Monday)

Class Placement Information Mailed Home Monday

We've carefully considered many factors when placing students in learning groups and with teachers. Classes are balanced by students' needs in order to create thoughtful classroom environments that serve students as best as possible. We are continuing to place students due to new enrollments. If a change is needed that would impact your student, we will be in touch with you. For middle school students, we've included their first period only as we continue to make adjustments to our new schedule.

School Hours and Drop-Off and Pick-Up

School Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday:

Doors Open 8:45 and School Starts at 9:00

School Ends at 3:35


Doors Open at 9:45 and School Starts at 10:00

School Ends at 3:35

Drop-off/Student Entry:

For the time being we will maintain the systems put in place last spring. We ask for students to please enter in three separate locations. Look for signs in the following areas.

K-3rd: Please enter through the doors closest to the Kindergarten classrooms.

4-5th: Please enter through the front doors by the office.

6-8th: Please enter through the doors to the 7th/8th hallway (up the ramp).

Breakfast will be provided in the cafeteria.

Parent Pick-up:

We will maintain the parent pick-up routine (for students not riding the bus) from last spring. We may adjust this routine as needed in the future.

Parking Lot Pick-up:

K-2nd: We ask families who also have 3-8th grade students to please arrive promptly at 3:30 to pick-up and then pull forward to the upper gravel parking lot to pick-up 3rd-8th grade students.

K-2nd: Families with K-2nd students only, please arrive closer to 3:35 to help accomplish the above.

3-8th: Please pick-up students at 3:35 in the upper lot (to the right past the front of the school).

Thank you!

Middle School Sports

Please join us at Back to School Night for more information on Athletics this fall including Cross Country and Volleyball! Mr. Martins will be there at the athletics table.