FDR Middle School

November Newsletter

Important Information and Updates for the Month of November


We recently began using a Smart Pass App for students signing out of classes. This App allows us to track a number of different data including:

  1. Length of time out of class (off task)
  2. Who is using what bathrooms at specific times
  3. Who is going to places of the building where they don't belong
  4. Students who ask to use the bathroom every period of the day

I am happy to report that this has resulted in positives for our students and school community.

  1. Students are hurrying to the bathrooms/water fountains and back to class where they belong.
  2. We have seen a sharp decrease in bathroom vandalism and inappropriate behavior
  3. We have seen an increase in "time on task" for our students resulting in improved grades.

Please remember that any time out of class negatively impacts comprehension of materials being taught. Time out of class does add up.

  • 3 minutes out of class = 6% of instruction
  • 4 minutes out of class = 8% of instruction
  • 5 minutes out of class = 10% of instruction
  • 6 minutes out of class = 12% of instruction
  • 7 minutes out of class = 14% of instruction
  • 8 minutes out of class = 16% of instruction
  • 9 minutes out of class = 18% of instruction
  • 10 minutes out of class = 20% of instruction

Students found to be abusing a pass or out of class for an extended period of time can and will be placed on a restricted pass list.


We follow a numeric grading system at FDR ranging from 100% to 45%. Students must pass 5/6 Core classes in order to successfully be promoted to the next grade level.

Core Classes




Social Studies

Physical Education / Music (Must pass 1/2)

Specials (Must pass 3/4)

We have been reviewing current grades and communicating with students/families regarding progress in the first marking period. Please check your parent portal to review grades and missing assignments to ensure that your children are submitting all of their assignments.

BTSD Technology Fee

There is a $35 Technology Fee this year to protect your child's Chromebook and our families from expensive charges to repair broken devices.

Cost to replace Keyboard with Tech Fee = $0 Without Tech Fee = $100

Cost to replace Screen with Tech Fee = $0 Without Tech Fee = $50

Please visit your parent portal account and access the School Store Menu which allows you to pay the technology fee online. If a damaged device is turned in without the technology being paid, a bill/fee will be placed in the portal account for the total amount of repair. Failure to pay this amount can and will result in students not being able to participate in extracurricular activities until the balance is paid in full.

Speak to your children about caring for their devices and making sure that they are charged every day!

Construction at Ben Franklin Middle School

Construction on Ben Franklin Continues!
Big picture

Monthly Fire Drills

We schedule monthly Fire and Safety Drills to help prepare our students in case of an emergency. Mr. Baradziej has been awarding classrooms for their best behavior and organization. Great job Ms. Suarez and Room 58!
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FDR Field Hockey takes down Armstrong Middle School

Our FDR Middle School field hockey team faced off against our sister school Neil Armstrong Middle School and won 2-0! Great job girls!
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National Junior Honor Society - Thanksgiving Food Drive

Our FDR chapter of NJHS will be holding a Thanksgiving Food Drive from November 10th to November 15th to support families in our FDR community!

Thanksgiving Food Drive

FDR Guidance Department - 6th Grade Restorative Practice Lessons

Lessons in restorative practices have started in all 6th grade social studies classes this week and will resume for the next 10 school weeks. These lessons will occur once a week with a guidance counselor or school social worker. Students will build skills in communication, problem solving, conflict resolution, building relationships, and being a peacemaker.

FDR Guidance Department - 8th Grade Tech School Information

Bucks County Technical High School presented their programs to our 8th graders on Friday, October 29th. Their fall open house will be on November 10th from 6-8pm. If your student plans to apply for next year's enrollment it is recommended that you attend this open house. Information about the application process will be available on their website following the open house. Announcements regarding the application process will also be made during the school day in upcoming weeks.

Important Dates

Thursday, November 11, 2021 - Veteran's Day - No School - Offices Closed

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 - End of First Marking Period

Wednesday, November 24, 2021 - Early Dismissal - Middle School Dismissal - 12:35

Thursday, November 25, 2021 - Thanksgiving - No School

Friday, November 26, 2021 - No School - Offices Closed