Remote Learning Connections

Billings Public Schools

Dear Families,

Our staff have been committed and dedicated in making sure they lay the foundation of expectations in their classrooms online. They are constantly reflecting on how they can deliver their instruction, and meet the needs of students daily. These first weeks of school are really about laying out the expectation of the classroom, much of what one would see if they were in the building. In order for learning to occur, how the classroom looks is important. We applaud their efforts to be on this remote journey as educators.

Students deserve a shout out, too. They are learning the ropes of a “new classroom” and are working to build relationships with teachers and new classmates, and exploring new ways to learn. Hats off to you, students! We are very happy to see you again!

Parents and families- take a deep breath. We see you doing what you can to make the best of this experience. It takes all of us to ensure the best learning possible for the students. Please reach out to our remote staff for any questions you may have.


Mrs. Carlson

Remember, as a FAMILY, we commit to:

  • Establishing clear routines and expectations

  • Defining the physical space for your child’s study (quiet, public space with seating such as kitchen or living room)

  • Communicating with the teacher when in need of clarification, to ask a question, or troubleshooting an assignment

  • Monitoring the e-Learning plan shared with your child and balancing the workload (no more than one hour a day per subject)

  • Monitoring official communication from the school regarding important information

  • Taking an active role in helping your children process their learning

  • Encouraging periodic breaks from screen time (e.g. physical activity and/or exercise)

  • Remaining mindful of your child’s stress or worry

  • Making sure students are putting devices away so they get adequate sleep

  • Communicate with the school any technical issues with online learning

  • Notify the child’s home school if there are any concerns about a student’s social and emotional well-being

  • If your child is too ill to participate, please notify teacher(s) and attendance secretary before scheduled classes begin

Remote High School Core Course Textbooks Checkouts

Monday, Sep. 14th, 9:30am to Wednesday, Sep. 16th, 2pm

1470 Industrial Avenue

Billings, MT

What? For those students who are interested in having a hardcopy textbook in addition to their virtual text.

Who? Students and/or parents can come to check out any available textbook for their schedule. Face coverings are required.

When? Next Monday (Sept. 14), Tuesday (Sept. 15), and Wednesday (Sept. 16)

9:30 AM to 2:00 PM

Where: The Billings Public Schools Warehouse is located at 1470 Industrial Ave. right across the street from Fireside Lanes.

Watch this video, and take a look around the Remote Learning Site!


Attendance in the remote learning setting is measured on a daily basis and is monitored through participation, including Zoom meetings, synchronous and asynchronous learning opportunities, two way communication between the students/guardian and teacher, and work completion.

If a student does not engage in the learning process from Monday through Friday, the student is marked absent from the class he/she is not attending, on a daily basis.

If you need to report an absence, please notify our attendance secretary:

Kimberly Forquer


Meet our Remote Counselors