By Anna K. and Clara B.


Hitler and Nazi wanted to get rid of all the Jews. Germany thought their country would be better off without Jews. They sometimes gave Jews options of emigrating or they were put into concentration camps. Hitler didn't have any problem killing Jews. This is act of an extreme act of antisemitism.

Immediate Effects

About 11 million people were killed because of the Holocaust and 2/3 of Jewish population in Europe was killed or displaced. Families were separated and many family members were killed. Survivors of old age had hard time finding help for their health because they were not the main focus.

Long Term Effects

The persecution of Jews had long term effects that included key people of society being killed which affects economy and political development. Some child survivors had to live rest of their life without their family. They had hard time growing because of what they experienced and because of the traumatizing event that they had to face.
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