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Gopher Community,

On behalf of the Gresham High School Team I would like to welcome you to the 2021-2022 school year!!! It has been a long time coming to get our future leaders into THEIR new building!! As we begin the Academic year we will provide you with information to be safe, while still gaining the necessary educational tools needed to thrive in our ever-changing society.

Safety will be the priority of our welcome back! Mask wearing will be enforced throughout the day and in all classrooms and spaces. Please make sure to review our bell schedule and plans for the first week of school, so you don’t miss necessary information.

Take care, Gophers and see you next week!

Drake Shelton, Principal

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Schedule 9/7

We will operate from our Monday/Friday schedule even though 9/7 is a Tuesday.

All students will report to their 1st period classrooms. Be sure to be on time for the virtual welcome along with information throughout the day. Remember 9/7 is the first day of school for incoming 9th & 12th grade students only! We have information pertinent to each class, so please make sure you attend and arrive on time.

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Students--don't forget to bring your charged Chromebook to school on your first day. Incoming 9th graders will receive their Chromebook on September 7th. All other new students will be able to get their device on Wednesday, September 8th.
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Students can bring refillable water bottles to use with our water bottle filling stations.
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Principal Shelton will be hosting the KNOW YOUR SCHOOL Parent Meeting on Tuesday, September 7th. This will be a virtual meeting from 6:30 - 7:30 pm. The link for the google meet is listed below. We look forward to seeing you.

Parent Meeting

Tuesday, September 7 · 6:30 – 7:30pm

Google Meet joining info

Video call link:

Or dial: ‪(US) +1 413-893-3079‬ PIN: ‪338 071 180‬#

More phone numbers:


All students will be on campus for the first time in 18months!!! We are excited to welcome a school full of 1600+ students!!! Please take note this is a late start for all students. Please arrive at your first period class on time and ready for the ‘21-’22 school year!

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If you have a student who is a returning Gresham High School student or are an incoming 9th grade student coming from one of our middle schools you will need to go through an online verification process. This process is where you will confirm all of your student’s contact info as well as health concerns. Please take a moment to make sure we have the correct spelling of your student's name. ONLINE STUDENT VERIFICATION


ParentVue offers parents and guardians the ability to check their student’s attendance, assignments, grades and demographic information online. It is a very convenient method for keeping track of your student’s academic performance. Those who accessed this service last year should still have an active account. Incoming 8th graders that attended school in our district last year should also still have the same account. If you have not used this service in the past we encourage you to set up an account. To get an account just call the Main office to get your activation information. If you have an account already, but forgot the password, simply go to the login screen of Parentvue and click the forgot password link and the program will email you your login password.

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Schedules will be on ParentVUE & StudentVUE

During the week of August, 30th student schedules will be available for viewing through the ParentVUE & StudentVUE accounts. For incoming freshmen, your accounts from Clear Creek & Dexter McCarty are still your accounts for high school. Please read below to learn how you can access counselors for schedule questions.

Schedule Changes

GHS strives to provide students with a relevant and engaging schedule of courses. Because course offerings are created out of students’ Spring forecasting selections, we prioritize the types of schedule changes we make in the Fall. GHS Counselors do not have space in August to respond to phone calls and emails regarding schedule changes.

If a student is requesting a general schedule change, please fill out the Schedule Change Request Form and requests will be addressed according to priority.

Students & Caregivers are reminded of the following regarding schedule changes:

  • Our first priority is to serve students who have a missing period (hole) or have a “see counselor” note in their schedule. These students should come to the counseling office on Wednesday, September 8th and Thursday, September 9th during the class period that has the issue.

  • Schedule changes will be made to meet specific academic needs and/or to fulfill graduation requirements.

  • Some courses may not be available due to enrollment limitations and/or conflicts with other courses.

  • Changes to schedules will not be made simply to obtain a different teacher, rearrange class periods, or switch elective choices.

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Gresham High conducts a split lunch model, which happens during 5th period. Students are broken into two lunch periods given the area of their 5th period class.

1st lunch- Students in the Learning Tower on the 2nd and 3rd floor

2nd lunch- Students on the 1st floor of the Learning Tower and within the North Athletic side of the building-Gym, Hall of Flags and Aquatic Center.

Once you can view your schedule in Studentvue, locate your 5th period class, depending on which floor your class is on will determine which lunch period you have.

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We have a limited number of lockers available for students. Our lockers are all single person lockers and all located in an area next to the commons. Please use the link below to request a locker. Requests will be honored on a first come first serve basis. Please be sure to discuss this with your student before the student requests a locker. In the past before construction less than half of our students used their lockers.

STUDENTS will need to access their school email account and open the link sent them to make their request.

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If your student has a Physical Education course, they will be expected to dress appropriately for physical activity. Teachers will give students an overview of appropriate dress on the first days of school. We do not have PE uniforms, but can help find resources for students in need. Please contact your student’s counselor to be connected with these resources.


School pictures and ID card pictures for 9th grade will be taken during class time on Tuesday, September 7th.

All 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students will have their pictures taken on Thursday, Sept. 9th & Friday, Sept. 10th. Student’s pictures will be taken during their English class. All students (including seniors) are required to have an identification photo taken.

CAL students will be allowed to get their pictures taken during their time here at GHS. CAL students just need to go to the Aux. Gym on Thursday or Friday.

The purchase of a photography package from Lifetouch Company is an individual family decision. Lifetouch has a website where you can order your school pictures online. Packets were mailed out this past week for those who do not wish to purchase through the online portal.

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Student Body Cards

An ASB Sticker saves money on school events!
Students can purchase an ASB Sticker for their Student ID Card for $20.00. This sticker will allow a GHS student free entrance to all HOME regular season athletic events as well as reduce the price of tickets to school dances. Please look for the option to purchase this item on your fee statement when your registration packet arrives.

Bus Information

Parents and students will be able to access their bus route number and stop as well as approximate time in the parentvue/studentvue portal. Students should be at the bus stop at least 5 minutes before the listed time. Please be sure to look for this information on the days just before school starts. For those families that will drop off their students please refer to the map below on how to access the student drop off zone.

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Parking Information

ALL student drivers will need to register their car for parking on campus. For the 2021-22 GHS will not be charging a parking fee. All student drivers will be required to have current insurance for any vehicle they park on campus. Students will need to pick up a car registration form from the Security office. Passes for students will not be required during the first week of school. All student parking is in the parking lot off of Main Street past the tennis courts. Students are not allowed to park in the Division Parking lot.


Students who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms while at school will have access to a COVID-19 test.

Following are some important details to know about the COVID-19 test:

  • The test is VOLUNTARY. Students must have a “COVID-19 Testing Consent Form” on-file before a test can be administered to a student. The form must be fully completed and signed by a parent or guardian.
  • Testing is intended for students who are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.
  • COVID-19 symptoms include fever of 100.4° F or higher, chills, cough, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing and new loss of taste or loss of smell.
  • Students are required to administer their own test by swabbing their own nose. A testing administrator will oversee the process and provide verbal instructions to the student.
  • Testing will be conducted in the school’s Care Room or a private space.
  • Students who exhibit COVID-19 symptoms on-site and are tested (whether positive or negative result) will be sent home. Further instructions will be provided at that time.
  • Students who develop COVID-19 symptoms while not at school may not get tested at the school. Testing is only available for students who are already on-site and are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Please use this information to decide what is best for your student. If you have more questions, contact the main office at 503-674-5500.


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The College & Career Center will offer two evening financial aid events this Fall:

Topic: "Paying for College" - virtual presentation and a Q&A session

Date: September 14th

Time: 6 - 7 p.m.

We will cover the many ways to pay for education after high school and discuss college costs, types of financial aid, financial aid applications, and what you can do as a family to help your student succeed. More details to come in September.

Topic: FAFSA/ORSAA Completion Event

Date: October 28th

Time: 6 -7 p.m.

This will be an in-person event (metrics allowing) focused on helping students and families complete or at least get started on their FAFSA/ORSAA application. More details to come in September.

Please contact Ms. C. at with any college-related questions.

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ATHLETICS CLEARANCE: Any students who have not signed up for fall sports but are still interested in participating can sign up for football, water polo and cross country. Go to the GHS athletics page to sign up.

GRESHAM ATHLETICS TWITTER: Stay up to date with Gopher teams all season long by following @GoGHSGophers on Twitter.

GOPHER APPAREL: Gresham High School now has an online gear store to get all the latest Gopher Gear. Head to the webstore to find Nike shirts, sweatshirts, shorts and more.

MASKS AT EVENTS: Masks are required for all spectators indoors at all times for all GHS sporting events. For outdoor events, masks are required when six feet of social distance cannot be maintained.

QUARANTINED STUDENTS: Students who are quarantined due to close contact with a

positive case of Covid-19 should not come to any school events, including but not limited to: class, lunch, club meetings, athletic practices, performing arts rehearsals, sporting events, and performing arts events.


Welcome back Gresham Gophers!!! Gresham High School Activities continues to build and promote a thriving and welcoming community of learners. In addition, there is a heightened attraction to the quality programs within our newly constructed campus environment The following are only a few examples of what is excelling at GHS.


At Gresham High School, we have two branches of “Student Leadership” (ASB/Student Council & Renaissance). Each provides an opportunity for any student to learn about what it means to be an intentional, impactful, compassionate and spirited leader. Our school-community ambassadors choose to proactively lead from the heart, while envisioning and creating lasting bonds and memories for Gresham High School! Our overall vision is one that interconnects leadership, staff, and student body to collaboratively work together in creating an inclusive, compassionate, positive, unique, driven, and spirited culture at our school.


In addition to Student Leadership, GHS offers a wide variety of co-curricular activities to enrich and enhance students' high school experience. Our aim is all students will engage in one or more co-curricular or club opportunities. In case you didn’t already know, here are a few high quality examples of some co-curricular programs...


As schools are increasingly focusing on extra-curricular and co-curricular activities, students are now involved in more engaging learning environments that assist them in interactively learning and gaining knowledge. Here are the key benefits of Co-Curricular Activities:

  • Enhancing the learning process for the students by helping them understand the practicality of things they are learning in enjoyable and engaging means.

  • Boosting creative and innate talents of students by helping them improve their skills in communication, listening, innovation and imagination.

  • Increasing a sense of belongingness amongst students and helping them learn about the importance of community and working towards uplifting others.

  • Encourages physical activity and instills collaborative leadership, co-operation and spirited competition.


At GHS, our strongest belief is that “Fine & Performing Arts” are an integral factor for improving student outcomes including achievement in core academic subjects, mental health, self-confidence, self-discipline and control, creativity and decision-making. All student-performers at GHS receive high-level instruction, designed to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for them to perform at their highest, and be college and career ready.

Our collective program missions in Band, Choir & Drama/Theatre are to provide a rigorous and comprehensive educational experience for students in the areas of music, visual arts, drama, and differentiated forms of expression. Our vision is to become an interconnected, thriving Fine & Performing Arts Department, that collaboratively soars together to achieve excellence in the Arts! Look for our promotions and performances that are planned for this year!!!


The new Spirit Program at Gresham High School (Gresham Rhythmettes), is a highly talented program that supports and promotes athletics, activities and various school-community events. These talented student-athletes enhance the overall game and fan experience, serve as ambassadors of the Gresham school-community, provide opportunities for development in demonstrating high-level competitiveness and character. In doing so, this program enhances their own high school experience, and provides opportunities for members of the Gresham Rhythmettes Spirit Program to perform and compete as a top program in the state.

Gresham High School Rhythmettes Spirit Program strives to be a well-balanced, high school program that supports our team members in obtaining success in the classroom and community. Furthermore, providing opportunities for personal growth via the sport of Cheer and Dance competition, experiences, and training. Gresham Rhythmettes’ primary focus is to excel at supporting our school-community and represent our school with pride, class, and excellence at competitions.





To access our school calendar please click on the Gresham High School like below this article. This will take you to our home page on our website. Our calendar is located on the left hand side of the page.