Alex W


Have you ever wanted to take a stroll around town and taste and admire all the different foods and cultures, or have you ever wanted to blow your mind with fascinating story's of history. If so I believe Antwerp,Belgium is the place for you.

Antwerp History

Antwerp is so old that groups of indigenous people started living there during the roman era. You know what else is pretty cool. Antwerp got its name from German settlers. Who would think a city in Belgium got its name from Germany. The dutch shut down Schelde River due to navigation, and Antwerp was then renamed as...Amsterdam!

Antwerp Economy



Now you see why Antwerp, Belgium is a beautiful and is a great place for you to drain your self in culture and history. You could visit some of it's oldest and coolest museums, or maybe take a stroll down some of its streets and see all of the beautiful markets and foods they have. You get my point, Antwerp,Belgium truly is a splendid place.