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Pet Squad-Week Two


We had so much fun in KidSpring on Sunday starting our new series Pet Squad. We saw over 510 kids this weekend, and the pets were a huge hit!!!

During this series, our kids will learn all about having a heart after God just like David did!

This week, our kids learned learned that David was chosen by God to be the next king (1 Samuel 16:1-13).

In Preschool, our kids learned “God Loves Me”! They learned that God doesn’t just see what is on the outside of us. He sees our hearts and He loves us.

In Elementary, our kids learned that “A Heart After God Is Humble”. God looked at the heart of Jesse’s sons. He wanted a heart that was humble to be king. How can you be humble this week?

See you Sunday!!

Need to Knows

Need To Know

PS: God Loves Me

ES: A Heart After God Serves Others

Elementary Memory Verse: "The Lord does not look at the things people look at. People look at the outside of a person. But the Lord looks at what is in the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7b (NIRV)

Preschool Memory Verse: "...the Lord looks at what is in the heart." 1 Samuel 16:7b (NIRV)


Please join us in lifting up these prayer requests to the Lord.

Sarah - She needs a place to rent and has asked for prayer for finding the right place at the right time and then she was told on Sunday she needs to prepare for moving to Chicago and is asking for discernment and clarity. She is drawing strength from the Lord and feels at peace even though this is not what she wants and it's hard. She asked that we would pray for Rick and his heart to be softened toward God.

David's arm - that it is simply a pulled muscle and heals strong and quickly - especially before his next race in a couple weeks.

Amanda and Jenni's mom, Sharon. She will have her 1st cataract surgery on April 26th and then the 2nd one on May 17th. Prayer for all to go smoothly with the surgeries and for her to have great results.

Rachael F.- her dad, Ken, is battling dementia at 64yo. Prayers for Rachael and her family as they walk this road with their dad.

Jill- prayers for her as she continues her chemo treatments.

Joe- Amanda and Jenni's dad- health- he is continuing his radiation treatments.

Sharon- Amanda and Jenni's mom will be having cataract surgery.

Amanda- prayers for her during this time of transition.

Deana- Praying for her sister in law, Michelle, as she is facing a divorce and it has become really difficult. She has three beautiful girls as well that we need to pray for.

Jonathan's grandfather needs continued prayer as well as his mother and grandmother.

Leah-her Mom be moving to Spartanburg and is going to be living with them. Prayers for Leah with patience during this time of transition.

Melanie's Mom- prayers for mom as she continues to fight melanoma.

Let's PRAISE THE LORD for these answered prayers-

Praise and Prayers for Christina as they are navigating the selling of their home and buying a new home and all that goes on with their busy lives and young kiddos with this season.

Praise that Tamara sent her letter to her friend and prayer for the words to minister to her heart and Lord willing there will be a connection there. Praying for her friend's heart and for healing in her with this struggle.

Michael- Charlotte's husband - His surgery went well and after a quick trip back to the hospital, he is now home. Continue to pray for pain relief.

Andrea- her mom is getting baptized THIS SUNDAY. Woo hoo!!! She also joined a Women's Bible Study Group!!


  • LEADERSHIP NIGHT- April 24th @ 7PM
  • MOTHER'S DAY - May 13th


This year, we will have an all volunteer night that we're calling LEADERSHIP NIGHT! These will be the same date across the state, and all volunteers will be invited to attend at every campus! On this night, we will get to hear from our Lead Team live from Anderson as they share vision, direction, and so much more with each of us! This event will be a great opportunity for us to grow together in unity as a volunteer team and a campus. Please go ahead and make plans to attend with us:


Dinner and childcare will NOT be provided. It will be so worth it to make other plans for childcare, but your kids are welcome to join us if that's not a possibility!


We have a few leadership opportunities within KidSpring! If you are interested in stepping up into leadership and learning what the leadership responsibilities are, please reach out to your leader or let Tara Glass or Nic Rushing know!


Your Leadership Team is here to serve and shepherd YOU!

If we can answer any questions or pray for you, please reach out to us.

Tara Glass- Area Leader

Service Leaders

Christian & Cheryl Fisher 9:15

Jill Taylor 11:15

Check In Team Leaders

Jonathan & Kimberly Terry 9:15

Jessica Ferguson 11:15

First Time Team Leaders
Melanie Clark 9:15

Advocate Team Leader

Jane Putnam 9:15