Dress Code

Elkins Pointe Middle School

Athletic shorts must be longer than fingertip length. The style and length of the shorts pictured below are NOT dress code compliant.

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Dress Code

  • No athletic-fit running shorts (pictured above, i.e. Nike dry-fit with 3-inch inseams mesh side panels). Note: Running shorts or athletic shorts are not OK for either gender if they are NOT longer than fingertip length.

NOTE: Athletic shorts that are below fingertip are dress code compliant. Athletic shorts (boys or girls) or any shorts MUST be longer than finger-tip length. It is the length of the shorts and the style. The style of girls/boys shorts pictured above are NOT acceptable. Boys and girls athletic shorts that come practically to the knee are dress code compliant.

  • No leggings are to be worn under shorts (i.e. athletic shorts). Note: Leggings are permitted ONLY if worn with a shirt/top longer than finger-tipped length, but never under short-shorts.

  • No short-shorts or too-short dresses/skirts. Dresses and shorts must NOT be shorter than 3" inches above the kneecap. "Short" shorts are not permitted. All shorts must be past fingertip length.

  • No exposed undergarments.

  • No tops with straps measuring less than 3 inches. Straps must be at least 3 inches wide (i.e. three fingers or the size of a 3x5 index card). No spaghetti straps permitted.

  • No clothing that is too revealing. For example, exposed mid-drifts or form-fitting. (Belly-shirts, tube tops, leggings without proper coverage) or sheer/see-thru fabrics, i.e. netting.

  • No off-the-shoulder shirts. Both shoulders must be fully covered.

  • No pajamas, slippers, or sleepwear.

  • No fleece blankets (i.e. worn as winter coats).

  • No hoods to be worn in the school. Hoodie sweatshirts are permitted, but the hood cannot be worn in school. Hood must remain off and students wearing hoods up will be asked to remove the hood of the garment or the hoodie.

  • No jeans or pants with holes or shred.

  • No pants that sag below the waist. When wearing jeans, no shirts longer than back pockets. Jeans that are too big require a belt.

  • No bandanas (of any color). Bandanas are NOT permitted on neck, wrist, ankle, head, or tied to backpacks.

  • No Airpods, ear-buds/earphones to be worn in the hallway or the classroom. Note: Noise-reducing earphones are permitted for students with 504/IEP.

  • No hats. NOTE: Head garments which are worn for religious reasons are exempt.

  • No "Slides" or Flip Flops. Slides and flip flops are flimsy and have a tendency to break or slide off the foot at inopportune times....creating unsafe situations in crowded hallways.

Discipline Cycle/Dress Code

Below are behavior expectations and consequences for Elkins Pointe Middle School. Students who behave in a fashion that puts themselves or other students in physical danger, behave or speak in a threatening fashion, refuse to follow a directive, or exhibit significant disrespect toward an adult will bypass the below and be referred to the office immediately.

Dress Code:

  • All students shall dress appropriately so as not to disrupt or interfere with the educational program or the orderly operation of the school.
  • All students are expected to be dressed appropriately and ready for instruction for the entire day.
  • Students are expected to dress and groom themselves in such a way as to reflect neatness, cleanliness, and safety.
  • Extremes in dress and grooming will not be permitted.
  • Students who are dressed in a manner that is distracting to the learning environment (“deal breakers”) will be sent to the Clinic to swap out their clothing or to In-School Suspension (ISS) room.
  • Students will call parents to bring an acceptable change of clothes.


  • 1st Notice- Warning from teacher/administrator

  • 2nd Notice- Call home by the teacher/administrator

  • 3rd Notice- 10 tardies total = Public Detention and call home (assigned by ISS)

  • 4th Notice- 15 tardies total = Office referral (assigned by ISS)

Behavior: *Note, steps 1-3 may be

  • 1st Offense - Warning from teacher collapsed or re-ordered

  • 2nd Offense - Parent Contact by teacher depending on the infraction

  • 3rd Offense - Teacher consequence/referral to Behavior Intervention Teacher

  • 4th Offense - Administrative Referral