Walt Disney and Oprah Winfrey

How they overcame their obstacles

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Walt drawing some of the Disney characters and having them "come to life".

Walt Disney 's childhood life

Walter Elias Disney or also known as Walt Disney was born on December 5,1901 in Hermosa, Chicago,IL. Growing up as a child Walt Disney. He was one of five boys and three girls. Walt Disney was put to work at a young age with just an eight grade education. Later on he then enrolled himself at McKinley and attended there night classes . He hoped that he would join the army, he tried to join but got rejected because he was to young.
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How he overcame his Obstacles

After he got laid off from his job as a apprentice at a commercial studio, he founded a company called Iwerks-Disney with UB Iwerks. There first film was called Laugh-O-grams, but the company went bankrupt when he was 21. When the company went bankrupt he then went to a new company and made there first princess we know as "Snow White and the seven dwarfs where he won a full Oscar and seven miniature ones. The accomplishments he has is he has around 6 amusement parks , his own network( Disney channel) 22 academy awards,7 Emmy's. Walt then died on December 15,1966 in Burbank, CA. We now enjoy the accomplishments that Walt Disney has made.
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Oprah Winfrey in a ad about her cable television network, OWN.

Oprah's Childhood Life

Oprah Gail Winfrey born on January 29, 1954. She was born in Kosciusko, Mississippi. In Oprah's childhood she had to overcome poverty, abuse and neglect from her family. When she was a little girl her grandmother abused her and her mother neglected Oprah because of her job. While she lived with her mother, Oprah was raped by her relatives and her mom's boyfriend. One of the people that raped her, had gotten her pregnant, but the baby died shortly after birth. When she was about 14 she ran away and went to live with her father.
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How Oprah Overcame her Obstacles

After Oprah moved in with her dad she started high school and her dad had shown her that it was okay to be what she wanted to be. She got into college after winning a public speaking award and she started working in television. In a couple years Oprah was the host on a show called, "A.M. Chicago", when that became a success they renamed the show ,"The Oprah Winfrey Show". From then on she started doing many great things. She created her own cable television network and she has created her own magazine. Oprah has been on the Times "100 most influential" list 10 times since 2004. Everything that Oprah has been through has developed her into what she is today.

Inspirational Quotes

Oprah Winfrey - "Surround yourself with only people who will lift you higher."

Walt Disney - "Its kinda fun to do the impossible."