Wow! It's March!

In Mrs J's Class

What Have We Been Up To?

Last week, we had conferences. It was wonderful to meet with all of you and discuss how your child is progressing this year. We are very proud of all of them and look forward to the rest of our year. Also, March is Reading Month! Each student will have a goal of reading 25 non-fiction books in the next two months.  We encourage them to start now! Please remember to READ every night! On March 28th if your child has walked 10K on the playground or at home and read 12 Non-fiction books they will recieve a shoelace with 10 mini shoe charms and a fruit smoothie. So get reading those non-ficiton books and get out there and walk. Go Team Peach! 

All About Learning!


In reading we are continuing on our unit of study about nonfiction books. We have looked at the different parts of a nonfiction book and encouraging students to think about the reason WHY we choose a book to read. We will begin focus on identifying the important facts in the book and how they can be used. In addition we are continuing to disccuss text structure with the children. They are identifying wether the  book written is in a Cause/ Effect, Problem/Solution, Sequencial order, Descrition, or a Compare and Contrast format?


We are finishing up our "expert piece of writing." This assignment allows the students to write about a topic that they know a lot about, or in other words, an expert in. After we finish up with this unit we plan to move on to persuasive writing.


We have just finished unit 3 in math, all about measurement and time. In unit 4, we take a step back from all of the new material and review over addition, subtraction, and place value.


We have been finishing up our "Earth and Me" unit in the next couple of weeks. This week in particular, our class will be looking at earthquakes and how they are caused.

Classrrom Need

Quart Ziplocks, Dry erase markers, Gallon Zip locks, Kleenex, pencils, glue sticks

Exercise Balls

We have reached a point in the year where many of my exercise balls have been punctured and flattened by wayward pencils. We are down to 4 excersize balls for the children to share. If any of you want to send in a ball for your child to use or to donate to the class your are welcome to do so. The store 5 Below in Muskegon (next to Toyz R Us) has them for $5.00. If you purchase them from another store remember to buy 55 cm they work best under our small tables. Thank you so much. I appreciate any donations to our room.
That is all for us this week! Thank you for your support at home! Mrs. Jerovsek and Miss Duda