The Fault in Our Stars

John Green

By Ashley Hall - 2nd Period
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Hazel Grace, the cancerous teenager whom finds sanctuary in a book, An Imperial Affliction, soon finds another sanctuary within Augustus Waters, a former cancer patient. While visiting a support group for people like herself, she finds a certain boy staring at her in the literal heart of Jesus. Weeks pass and the tension between them grows through shared interest in her favorite book. In curiosity of the unfinished ending of the book, they both decide to visit Amsterdam, the home of the writer. Their first night tasting the stars in Amsterdam was the brightest the stars ever were. The next morning, a shared disappoint fell among them once they realized their beloved writer could not account for his novel. Through the gloom, they find happiness within each other, although it comes to a stop when the stars dim down and reality settles in with an unwelcoming gesture.

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"An achingly beautiful story."- SLJ, starred review

"A smartly crafted intellectual explosion of romance."- Kirkus, starred review

"Luminous."- Entertainment Weekly