By: Wendolin Gonzalez


-have to be born here

-have to be no less then 23 years old and no younger then 37 years old at the time of assignment

-bachelor's degree from going to college or university for 4 years

-3 years of professional work

-pass written exam


The starting salary for an FBI Special Agent is approximately , $43.441 . They work about 50- hours a week . It all depends on what schedule you have . Lets say you have schedule 7 , then you would get about $33,979 - $44,176. And now lets say your in schedule 12 , then what you would receive would be about $60,274 - $78,355.

Job Description

An agent if in charge of investigating over 200 different categories of violations that are about the government or any national security. Some of the categories include cyber crimes , robberies , organized crime and much more. What they mostly come across is terrorism . The most common terrorist organizations are the ISIS , Los Zetas , Boko Haram and more .