Analog vs Digital

By: Brynna Blackburn

Digital Devices/Signals

Digital signals are discrete time signals generated by digital modulation. Examples of digital devices are computers, CD's, DVD's, and other electronic devices. Digital devices are modern electronic products. On a digital clock, a numeric display indicates the exact time.

Analog Devices/Signals

Analog signals is a continuous signal which represents physical measurements. Examples of analog devices are VCR's, tape players, and record players. Analog devices are usually older gadgets/devices. On an analog clock the time is represented by hands that spin around.

Differences between analog and digital technology

"In analog technology, a wave is recorded or used in its original form". "In digital technology, the analog wave is sampled at some interval and then turned into numbers that are stored in the digital device". An advantage of digital technology is, "the recording does not degrade over time. As long as the numbers can be read, you will always get exactly the same wave". Another difference is that digital technology is more newer in our time period and includes newer devices, where analog is more like older devices.

Differences between analog and digital signals

"The difference between analog and digital signals is that analog is a continuous electrical signal, where digital is a non-continuous electrical signal". "Digital data has a faster rate of transmission when compared to analog, and gives better productivity". "Digital signals are easier and more reliable to transmit with fewer errors, analog signals are replicas of sound waves that can be distorted with noise and drops the quality of transmission".

Why someone would rather prefer one over the over

Some people might prefer digital over analog technology because digital is more new and closer to our time period then analog because analog technology is more like VCR's where digital technology is like computers and modern electronic devices. But other people prefer analog technology over digital because some people like older devices rather then newer devices. Another reason someone might want analog over digital is because analog would cost less then digital since analog is older devices but analog might cost more then digital in some situations since the product could be worth more since it was made a long time ago.