Thanks to My Mother

By Schoschana Ranimovici


Suzie was content with her life, a big happy Jewish family that loved and cared for each other, and plenty of toys and dolls to last her a lifetime. Until it all fell apart. It started with her parents' marriage, they started bickering more and more. Until the day Suzie's father was no longer at home, and they moved in with her mothers new husband, Julik and his daughter Dolka. This was the least of Suzie's problems though.

A short while after Suzie moved in with her new family, the Germans came and kicked them out of their apartment. Next they went to stay at her mother's father's house along with others in their family that the same thing had happened to. Over and over they they were ripped from their new homes because of their religion.

Through out their journey of pain and hurt many of Suzie's family members were brutally slaughtered by the Germans. Only her mother and few of their other family members continue to live through this harsh torment. Will they continuously bear these harsh conditions and constant fear until the end of the war?

Three Facts about the holocaust.

  1. Jews were killed in many brutal ways some of which including gas chambers, being thrown in fires and being shot.
  2. The Germans had a quota that they had to reach of the number of Jews they killed.
  3. Many Jews died from malnutrition, cold, and sickness in concentration camps.

Who would like this book

I think people who normally prefer fiction would like this book. Although it is very factual this book is entertaining and quite interesting. I personally like fiction but this book was very good.