Hawthorne Happenings

Week of 1/16 - 1/20

Hello all,

Another great week is behind us. Here are some highlights from the week:

  • MAP testing - So, maybe this isn't a "highlight," but they've begun. Thank you for being flexible this week as the MAP testing app has been on the fritz. Today, it seemed to work quite a bit better. If you are still running into issues with MAPs, let me know and I can try to assist. Thank you Kelly Hetzel for the helpful tip about hitting Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Q when the MAP app won't allow you to exit the program. I used it a couple times today to troubleshoot and was able to get right back into the program and continue the student's test.
  • PLC Conversations - Thank you for your continued active participation in our PLC conversations. This collaboration is so crucial for the betterment of our school, staff, and students. If you have not filled out the PLC Norms Survey yet, please do so as soon as possible. I would like to share the results with each team. My apologies to the SPED, Title, and Specials team as I did not give your team an option to select at the end of the survey. I have edited the survey so you can now select your team.

Iowa Report Card

Today, the Iowa School Report Cards came out. I was particularly excited to see that Hawthorne Elementary has improved from "Acceptable" to "Commendable" this year. To me, this reinforces that we are headed in the right direction. We still have a ways to go, but with all of our continued collaborative effort, I see no reason why Hawthorne can't find itself in the list of "Exceptional" schools. Click here to see the link to the full report card.

Week of 1/16 - 1/20

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In-Service Day

Monday will be a full day of learning!!! ATTENTION: There has been a change in the schedule due to possible bad weather. Hawthorne and GW will now meet together in the Middle School media center in the morning rather than the afternoon. The breakout sessions will be in the afternoon.

We will be at the Middle School for the morning and afternoon sessions.

As I mentioned at our staff meeting, I would like all of our Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade teachers to pick either the Math or ELA sessions. All other teachers can either join the Math and ELA sessions or choose from any of the other sessions. In the afternoon, Hawthorne and GW will meet together at the Middle School library. Jeri and I are working to provide those sessions again later in the year for grade level teachers who will not have that opportunity.

Monday, January 16th Schedule:

Morning with Buildings 8:00 - 11:00

  • GW and Hawthorne will meet at the Middle School Library with Nancy and Dave in a joint session.


    • Please bring your computers

    • Also bring one ELA and one Math current or upcoming unit plan that your PLC is developing.

Lunch: 11:00 - 12:00

Break-out Session 1: 12:15 - 1:00

Break-out Session 2: 1:15 - 2:00

Break-out Session 3: 2:15 - 3:00

Click here for more information.

FAST Assessment

The Winter FAST Assessment window officially opens Monday, January 16th and will remain open until Friday, February 10th. Let's screen them and screen them early! I'm excited to see their growth from Fall to Winter.

Please take time to remind your students to make sure they have:

  • a healthy breakfast
  • a good night's sleep
  • and a positive attitude

PWN Review with SPED team

On Wednesday, the Special Education team will be meeting with Bonnie Peevler and Theresa Kline in the computer lab at 2:00. They will be reviewing procedures for writing prior written notices.

Amy Thacher Data Review

On Friday, Amy will be here to meet with the grade level teams during planning time. You will be reviewing data and discussing what to do with it. 2nd Grade will meet with Amy on Monday, January 23rd since they will be at Eagle days on Friday. This conversation will help as we will be wrapping our winter MAP and FAST assessments in the coming weeks. Hopefully, these discussions will help further guide our decision-making as we continue to do what is best for our students. Since I'm asking you to meet with Amy during your planning time, if you are needing comp time please let me know.

Looking Ahead...

  • 1/23 - Amy Thacher is meeting with 2nd grade teachers during planning time to review data (Comp time provided)
  • 1/23 - PBIS Incentive - Live Animal Show (Wednesday Schedule)
  • 1/24 - K - Wacker and K - Quinlan field trip to Dr. Kircher's Dental Office
  • 1/25 - PLC - Personal PD Day
  • 1/25-1/26 - Mike and Lisa at PRESS training in Des Moines
  • 1/27 - Amy Thacher will return to review to follow up with grade level teams during planning time (Comp time provided)
  • 1/27 - Birthday Lunch and Bookstore
  • 1/27 - Chief Change Champ Pizza Lunch

"It's always a great day to be at Hawthorne!"