My Tapp Kite!!!!

Georgia Howard (Class Project)

My Kite (Blue Print)

Hey!!! This is a kite that me and my two bffs (rebecca And Jazmye) are making and so far the kite is pretty good. I just hope it can fly!!!!!!!! Well, right now we are making it and heres a blue print of the kite, maybe you like it,or maybe you dont like it, well I really dont care just look and no talk :)

History Of The Diamond Kite

This is the first kite in history to create power for us and it was Benjamin Franklin's idea!! One day ben wanted to know what can the power of thh sky, but with what??????? Then ben found out what to use!! A Diamond Kite and when he put that kite out in the open of a storm.......BAMM  he found out of the power for all man kide!!!!!!

Some Diamond kites that are AWESOME!!!!!

What?! You dont know how to make a Diamond kite???!! Well Follow these steps!! And if you dont, you'll get a........ well you'll fine out!!!

Steps On how Making a Diamond Kite

Step 1: You must have a pillow case to cut in a big square! Step 2: Get some sticks and make a cross and then grabe a pen and make dots at the ends of the sticks. Step 3: Connect the dots then cut the cross out. After that tape the stick cross on the sheet. Step 4: Next, grabe the paint and then put what ever you like!!!! Step 5: Next put a tail on the below part on the kite and then put two wholes on the top and low part of the kite. step 6: Now you make a nott on the top part of the kite and then make a nott on the low part of the kite but with the whole sting and then you see that amazing kite fly BABY!!!!

Measurements Of The Kite

Me,Rebecca, and Jazmyn had to measure owr kite this morning for math, the measurement for the top of the kite is 42 in and the measurement for the below part of the kite is 68. The perimeter of the kite is 218 cm and the area of the kite is 149.4!! Thats the measurement of the Tapp Kite!!!!!

Some Tapp Tigers Making there Kite!!!

Final Kite Product

Here is a picture of my team as we display the kite we created in science class.