Sandro Botticceli

The Renaissance man

The Biography of Sandro Botticelli

Sandro Botticelli was born in 1445 and lived in Florence his entire life. He was trained by a master who's name is unknown. Sandro was the son of a tanner. His was a prime Practitioner of the Andrea del Verrocchio which was part of his early style of painting. He created the paintings called frescos which was part of his early and mature styles. Sandro didn't have any patrons.

The Work

The work of Sandro Botticelli

The pieces of art i choose was the birth of venus and St.Augustine. The Birth of venus was created in 1474 and St.Augustiune was created in 1480. The Birth of Venus and St.Augustine where significant because they are both frescos and they are the newer styles of the frescos. I find the painting of St.Augustine interesting because it is very detailed on him and it looks like he is in deep thought. The artist Sandro Botticelli and his painting exemplifies Renaissance 'ism' because it follows humanism because it is defying the ideal renaissance manb.