Superhero Day

On March 4th, I am fighting childhood cancer

On March 4th, St. John Paul II and St. Peter's C.S.S. Social Justice teams are organizing a day dedicated to childhood cancer awareness and fundraising. We know that you may have children and families who are currently fighting cancer at your own schools and whom you would like to help. St. John Paul II is fundraising for a local family who has a child battling leukemia as well as other families across North America who have children fighting cancer.

Friday, March 4th, 8am

Barrie, ON, Canada

Barrie, ON

Ideas for the day

$2-4 per student donation

Will receive a Tyler Robinson Foundation bracelet.

Get to BE and dress up as a Superhero for these families.

50/50 - Schools will keep 50% of the money at the school level for families/fundraiser/charities; 50% will be combined to financially support Lillian's family, other local families and the Tyler Robinson Foundation families.

What to do?

Tell EVERYONE! Please spread this message to all staff, students, community partners and parents/guardians. Everyone wants to be a hero!

Perhaps you can use some of your school's competitive spirit and have classes challenge one another? Perhaps you can challenge the students at a school level to have a school photo taken of the biggest group of super heros to step foot in your halls. (We would love to plaster the board website with pictures of our schools combined efforts and generosity) Perhaps you can let your school know that our hope is to flood the south end of Barrie with our wonderful students and staff both dressing the part and being a Hero for our kids fighting cancer in our neighbourhood.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call Mrs. Morrison at St. John Paul II 705-722-0212 or

If you are ready to pledge your school's support to participate in Be a Superhero on March 4th please fill out the following FORM HERE

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