Science Choice Board

Unit 8

Use Chatterpix on an ipad to create a talking picture!

Use the ipad camera to take a picture of on of these animals in the pod.

  1. Bearded Lizard
  2. Rabbit
  3. Ferret
Open Chatterpix and add your picture

Draw a mouth to make the animal talk

Record your voice. Pretend you are the animal and tell us about:

Your body- what makes it special? Which parts help you survive and how?

Click here to see an example

Life Cycle of a Mealworm on Twitter

Watch this video

Draw a nice picture of the life cycle of a mealworm

On a piece of paper, write a sentence or 2 telling about the life cycle

Tweet It! Have Mrs. Zuniga open her twitter, take a picture of your life cycle and type your tweet.

Add #kespanthers #haysedchat

Post your tweet.

Cactus Video

  1. Use the ipad to take a video in the courtyard of yourself showing one of the cactus plants.
  2. Tell about the structures of the cactus that help it survive in hot dry areas.
  3. Ask Mrs. Zuniga to post your video on Twitter with the hashtags #haysedchat #kespanthers

My Amazing Animal!

You are a scientist who has just discovered an amazing new animal! This animal has unique body structures that help it survive in its environment.

What kind of environment did you find this animal in? (ocean, rainforest, desert, arctic, grassland, mountains...)

  1. Draw a picture of your of your animal. Make sure to show details of its body structures that help it survive in its environment.
  2. Give it a name
  3. Have a friend record a video of you on an ipad showing your picture and explaining your animal and its special body structures.
  4. Show it to Mrs. Zuniga. If you follow all of the directions, it may get posted to Twitter!