Interview Tips

by Andi Olson

Before the Interview

  • Practice questions they may ask you
  • Shower, put on deodorant, and little perfume or cologne.
  • Don't smoke, chew, or drink before.
  • Don't chew gum

During the Interview

  • Shake their hand and tell them your name
  • you should arrive 15-30 minutes before
  • Bring your Resume and References
  • Ask them a question- like when will they be making the decision
Job Interview Tips for Teenagers

5 common questions asked

  • What is your greatest weakness- Turn a negative into a positive
  • What is your greatest strength- Don't sound to coxy
  • Tell me about yourself- Make it short
  • Describe your worse boss- Don't use names
  • Do you have any questions for me?- Always ask a question
No work experience? Tell me about yourself: Teen job interviews with no experience (Part 2)
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After Interview

  • Shake hands again
  • Tell them thank you
  • Ask when they will make a decision about the position
  • Write them a Thank You note
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How to dress for the Interview

  • Women- Pant suite, Nice top and a skirt or dress
  • Men- Nice dress pants and a button up

Interview Dont's

  • Do not chew gum
  • Do not ramble on
  • Do not take your phone in with you
  • Do not figite