North Pacific Coast, Japan Tsunami

By:Mariah Flores, Anyssa Herran,Lexus De La Vara

2.The date of this natural disaster.

March 11 at 2:46 pm 9.0 magnitued tsunami takes place 231 miles northeast of Tokyo Japan,a depth of 15.2 miles.

3.Warnings of tsunami.

When the tsunami happend in Japan it had 54 nucler rectors ,With two under constucon , and 17 power plants, that produced about 30 %of japans electricity at the time of the tsunami.

4.Death toll and casualties

Japan evidince radiodecton suggad that at least 900 kilameters 560 miles along linking the tsunami 1996 cestreches is ruped between 1960 and 1970.

5.Countries that were affected

The pacific tsunami warning came out march 15 and they said a japan, coast, tsunami will hit japan

6.Economic impact (money)

When this tsunammi happend the cost to fix japan was 30 millon dollars cause all the damage that happend.

7.Environmental impact/damages

The tsunami destroyed cars, buildings and houses
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9.Other important facts about the event

More than 18,000 people were killed there waves overtopped and destroyed protective tsunami seawalls at sevral locations.