Bling Queens


Holiday Webcast is tomorrow at 6pm PT!

Hi Team!

Oh me, oh my! How excited are you for our new Holiday Launch? I am thrilled that we are continuing to expand our product line. We are adding watches!! I can't wait to see the Holiday Webinar tomorrow night. Remember we are having a Team Meetup at my Willow Glen office (1153 Lincoln Ave, Suite C) beginning at 5:30 and going till at least 8pm. Come late if you have to! The webinar begins at 6pm sharp. I am providing dinner. Feel free to bring a dessert or beverage to share. If you haven't RSVP'd, please email me or call/text me (408-318-2055). You're welcome to bring a prospective to join us.

You are going to want to earn your StyleFix Pass so you can get this at a huge discount. Read on to see how close you are to earning yours. You have until this Wednesday to qualify.

Holiday Sampling:

Sampling opens to Stylists on October 7 and to customers on October 8. Did you earn your 50% discount on the Holiday Collection? Read on to find out.

Thanks to those of you who are using our facebook group. The more you share and post, the better. I will try to offer contests once in awhile, too. Of course, Sandy's Sparklettes page is great for getting advice and sharing success stories as well.

xo Lisa

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October is going to be BIG!

As most of you know, my goal for 2015 is to become an Associate Director. We are getting closer every month! I can't reach my goal without your help. Whether you sell one pair of earrings or $5,000, you are an important part of this team. As a team, we have to sell $25,000 a month. In August, we sold $21,385. To date in September, we have sold $21,824. My October goal is to promote to Associate Director! Who is in? Let's do this. Make it a goal is sell at least $500 and we will do it!

What is your personal goal? We all have the ability to reach our goals, but often something holds us back. What is holding you back? At Boot Camp a few weeks ago, our guest speaker spoke about this topic. It all has to do with our own personal belief system. Do you have an empowering belief system? Or a limiting belief system? When we limit our beliefs, our dreams are smothered. But just believing isn't enough. You have to take action. Make it your goal to take action in October. Book one more trunk show. Relaunch your business and host a double-dip show where you are the hostess and the stylist. The gift giving season is here and people need to shop.

You can take this business to any level you desire. Whether you book trunk shows is up to you. Whether you sponsor new stylists is up to you. The easiest way to earn money with Stella & Dot is to build a team. When you build a team, home office pays you a coaching commission. Do you know anyone who could benefit from Stella & Dot? Whether to earn extra money or have access to cute accessories, this opportunity fits into lots of lifestyles. Plus, when you promote to Associate Stylist, you earn $250 in product credit (doubled if you hit it during your jumpstart), a $200 cash bonus, and recognition bracelet. To promote to Associate Stylist, you need to personally sell $1,500, sponsor one person who sells at least $500, and as a team collectively sell $3,000.

I challenge you to reach out to 5 women you think could use some extra joy! What is the worse thing that can happen? She says no and is flattered? Best case scenario? She is flattered and says yes! Need help sealing the deal? I can schedule a conference call or in person meeting to answer questions. Be sure to also send potentials to the Opportunity Webinars hosted by home office.

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Style Fix Earners

Congrats! You have earned your $500 StyleFix. You can purchase $500 in product for just $99!

  • Blaney Barr
  • Leslie Kefer
  • Amy Corbett
  • Sheac Yee Lim-Hamilton
  • Hazel Pruett

Congrats! You have earned your $200 StyleFix! You can purchase $200 in product for just $69! You can still earn your $500 StyleFix by selling the amount next to your name by Sept. 30.

  • Carmen Ceremuga ($96)
  • Rebecca Hayton ($151)
  • Debbie Lewis ($382)
  • Marie Alexandre ($603)
  • Richelle Tinnarello ($633)
  • Lauren Sachse ($728)
  • Dana Zuniga ($1,002)

Congrats, you've unlocked your 50% discount and can still earn your $200 StyleFix by selling the amount next to your name by September 30!

  • Judy Fujimoto ($49.50)
  • Suzanne Grey ($245)

All of the above ladies have unlocked their 50% discount for Holiday. The rest of you just need to sell $250 or less to unlock your discount. You can do this!

  • Erin O'Toole ($4)
  • Dee Grayum ($162)
  • Mandy Manak ($211)
  • Amy Guadagna ($250)
  • Betsey Striebel ($250)
  • Donna Miranda ($250)
  • Ruby Chavez ($250)
  • Tracy Dauterman ($250)

Quick ways to sell $250: place a personal order for a couple of holiday gifts; post your favorite piece to your social media channels with the link to your personal website; share our Breast Cancer Awareness Boutique; book your own trunk show into the system and share the link with your friends and family with the September Trunk Show Exclusive Offers (spend $50 and get these 50% off); meet a friend for coffee and bring a few pieces with a Look Book!!

Welcome to our NEW BLING QUEENS!

  • Betsey Striebel (Santa Clara, CA)
  • Judy Fujimoto (San Jose, CA)
  • Lauren Sachse (Overland Park, KS)
  • Marie Alexandre (San Jose, CA)