The H2O Project

Water Crisis - In Ethiopia


Ethiopia Is a country in Africa, like others, with water shortages, poor sanitation, and a lack of access to clean water supply. Water is a huge deal in our lives. You can only go without it for a couple of days. Many places in Ethiopia have man made wells, but are they sanitary? The answer is no, there is only 49% of access to water, and only 11% is clean. Many woman have to go and get water, Instead of getting a better education or taking care of their family. Sometimes these walks take up to 3 hours. Also on these journeys, people have been attacked. If we raise money families could have better education and we could have a healthier community. Please help Ethiopia by donating your money and love, just $1 could supply a family for 40 days with clean water.

Water Changes Everything.

In every 19 seconds a child dies due to unclean water

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