Healthy Diet for Teens

By; Jorge G. & Luis E. Per. 3

What is the true healthy diet for teens?

A true healthy diet for a teen is the light amount of servings they consume and keeping it well balanced. Teens nowadays usually consume large amount of "fast-food" chains which reacts in a negative manner to the teens body and make them get fatter as they progress in their age. So a way to prevent getting fatter is to eat small amounts of servings to slim down the amount of body fat.

How do we know its healthy?

By reading the tags labeled on the fruit, veggies, etc. make sure it is healthier if the product is made from a nearby farm because the closest product is always the freshest or close to freshest product on the market. Another thing to look for is to look at the tag and see if it doesn't say food product. "Food product" is the false food that tries the imitate the flavor from the original (Example: Cheese PRODUCT is not made out of actual cheese and more out of plastic material trying to taste like cheese).

What diet this teen took and her result

"Allison Sullivan is a healthy teen that loves to take dance classes and she was interviewed by the Irish times about her experience and result. Allison said that she often exercises and maintains a healthy vegetarian diet. She says that her vegetarian diet has kept her healthy and gave her enough nutrients to maintain her lifestyle and slim down in body fat/ weight. She also said that if she didn't take her diet she wouldn't enjoy what she do and Dance for her school," -Irish Times

How do I know if my teen is eating a healthy diet?

If the teen requires the right amount of nutrients and maintains their diet the teen would slim down their size ,they would increase in confidence and feel ecstatic about themselves.