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Picture representation

My picture above fits my question because it shows that friends stick together no matter what. It also shows that friends are an important part of someones because they could be the ones transforming you or even you changing them without your knowledge.

My Real World Example

My real world example are strangers. Yes it sounds weird but if someone holds a door for you, or helps you pick up the thing you dropped It can not only change their day but their life. After the event, after they felt how good it feels to get that treatment they might wish that upon other people. They way they would do that is by doing these things, that were done to them, and give others what they felt. They will also feel good to help as it does normally, the feeling is similar to the one of being helped. The things you do don't have to be those small things you can donate money to someone who needs it like in the video below.
Homeless Single Father Brought to Tears After Strangers Donate $35,000

Book A

The Copper Gauntlet. This book represents my question by showing how peoples are personalities change after meeting someone. Before the move to the Magisterium school Tamara's personality was really different being kind of a saint meaning she never did anything wrong and also always did what was expected of her and more. Now I feel that the school has changed her. She now takes more risks and does some things she is not supposed to for her friends. Showing that because of her friends and enemies she has changed. Her friendship with Call is an example including A moment where

Call is leaving to go on a dangerous mission (unadvisedly) she say's "'Call stop... we're coming with you'" and joins him which is not something she would have done before the Magisterium. (Black 73)



He told me that I changed his world

on the night that we met each other.

But he was wrong it was my world that changed.

and it will never change back.

Poem explanation

The poem shows that when someone meets another at anytime on the street, in a restaurant,etc. it can change their world. It also shows the power of relationships on people by showing (not in detail) how her personality for lack of a better word due to her meeting him. I also chose it because it's short and lets the reader imagine the rest as books I feel should more often. This poem is a great representation of my question in many ways and it also shows that It is not just one sides world changes it's both.

Book B

The boy in the striped pajamas represents my question perfectly by Bruno's relationship with Shumel. It also represents it perfectly by showing Bruno's innocence with what's going on. showing that not having relationships with many people has made him oblivious to whats going on in the world. A great example of this is when Bruno does this "'Heil Hitler', He said, which he presumed, was just another way of saying, well good bye for now, and have a pleasant afternoon." This quote lets you see that Bruno doesn't really know or even care whats going on. This can also be seen in his relationship with Shumel because he doesn't know why he's behind a fence. Even shumel knows whats going on saying "'Bruno: you know we’re not supposed to be friends, you and me. We’re meant to be enemies, Did you know that?'”

Book C

Alex Rider, The book shows that people change in a darker way by having Alex's dad die and show the changes that Alex goes through. He has to go through a lot just after his dad died letting the emotional loss overcome him. This shines brightly in the part where he says..." " which is something that he would ever dream of doing before his dad died. Also Alex's mood and over all personality changes after this, this is most noticeable the few days right after his dad's death. However you can notice the changes through out the book.

How is my theme question relevent to my life

At the end of second grade I switched schools and I was really nervous going in to the school year. I was especially nervous about making friends. In fourth grade Marco Bianchi joined my class and helped me by later introducing me to Sam and Keegan (my good friends), and a fourth grader named Corbin who was one of my good friends before (and after) he moved to Georgia. He helped me learn that change isn't necessarily a thing to avoid or hide from. In fact it should be something you embrace and strive for.


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