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In the name of adding more Latinas in Tech #Latism #Tech

By Retweeting My Message to Eva Longoria we can increase the # of Latinas in Tech!

Recently Eva Longoria received her Masters in Chicana Studies and launched a new initiative of wanting to increase more Latinas in tech.

I work with the amazing nonprofit Black Girls CODE. Our mission is to increase women of color (Black, Latinas and Native American) in technology. I want her to notice my tweet and see if she wants to collaborate on our initiative. I have already sent a formal email to the Eva Longoria foundation but thought social media may also do the trick. Who knows - It just might work :)

Here is my Twitter Handler: @AbbyBobe

Here is my Tweet:

I have a #crush on @EvaLongoria and would love if she could help collaborate with @BlackGirlsCode to increase more #Latinas in #Tech RT :)

How will retweeting this message increase more Latinas in Tech?

The Eva Longoria Foundation + Black Girls CODE = Collaboration!

The Eva Longoria Foundation helps Latinas build better futures for
themselves and their families through education and entrepreneurship.

Black Girls CODE has educated over 1,200 girls in computer programming in 10 cities worldwide since 2012. In addition we have hosted parent workshops in both English and Spanish, educating parents on how to support their daughters in STEM fields, financial literacy and STEM Career panels.

Although education is the key to opportunities, technology is the equalizer to making sure every one has the same chance of reaching those opportunities. That is why Black Girls CODE is so dedicated to our mission. We want to help introduce as many girls of color to computer programming and digital technology and are ready to scale we just need a champion to help us is our journey. Eva Longoria - we would love to collaborate in this mission and we hope you would love too as well!

Please help me get her attention by retweeting my message:

"...The people who are craziest to believe they can change the world are the ones that do..." - Steve Jobs

Results Update:

In less than 24 hours my message was viewed in over 63 places in the world and received 67 Retweets. Let's see if we can get to 100 :)

Idalin "Abby" Bobe'

Yes, sadly, I am a real person. I have big dreams of changing the world and empowering women around the world through technology, especially women of color. Thank you for reading and I hope you can help.