A Few Great Social Studies Sites

Middle and High School

The Oyez Project at Northwestern University

This site allows you to listen to the Supreme Court justices as they deliberate cases, providing a complete source of all audio recorded since the installation of a recording system in the Court in 1955.


The Supreme Court Historical Society

The site has a voluminous history of every court, including a timeline of justices with information about each one. There are sections on the current Court and previous “Homes of the Court,” plus quizzes and videos


Famous Trials

This site offers research pages for more than 50 of the most famous trials in history, dating back to the trial of Socrates 399 B.C. Each page includes a detailed account of the events of and leading up to the trial, court documents such as witness testimony and trial excerpts, and other primary documents such as newspaper accounts and letters.


The University of Pittsburgh’s JURIST

This site provides news and commentary of the latest developments in the legal world, as well as providing a wide range of court and government documents.


Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement

This site features testimony of members of Civil Rights organizations such as CORE, NAACP, SCLC and SNCC, who submit stories about their experiences or write commentary on the movement and current events


Texas Tech's Vietnam Center and Archive

Features interviews of soldiers and civilians from the U.S. and North and South Vietnam.


Alabama Library Media

Social Studies Sites to bookmark, share with your teachers or students!