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Statistics about high school dropouts.

There is an 8.0% unemployment rate in high school dropouts compared to the 5.4% unemployment rate of a High school graduate. Also the weekly earnings of a high school dropout is about 493$, compared to 678$ weekly for High school graduates.

People who don't graduate from High school and are 16 to 24 are also 63 times more likely to be incarcerated than a college graduate. Some short term effects of being a high school dropout is; difficulty finding a job, usually when jobs are found, they are long hours and manual labor with little pay. Long term effects of being a dropout; small pay, more likely to be incarcerated, and a 30% higher incarceration rate.

Ways to get a better education and graduate High school

1. Make sure attendance is good, being on time and there everyday is a very good way to motivate yourself to actually do something while you are there.

2. Be willing to do the work, including homework even if you are not good at that class.

3. If you cannot graduate with High school without additional help, go to an alternative school

4. If you don't graduate, you can always go back and get a GED.

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