Bruin Blast Update

ACE 6 Weeks Assessments

1st 6 Weeks Assessment


Just a friendly reminder, here's a break down of the testing schedule for our first six weeks Common Interim Assessment:

Monday 9/28

3-5 Social Studies

Tuesday 9/29

K-4 Math

5 Science

Wednesday 9/30

K-5 Reading

Thursday 10/1

4 Writing

Friday 10/2

3-4 Science

5 Math

Copies of Common Interim Assessments

K-2 Grade: Please submit the Reading & Math Assessments by Tomorrow Friday 9/24 at 8 a.m. to your Reading/Math Coach to have copies made.

K-1 Reading & Math to Mrs. Mondragon

2 Reading to Dr. Garcia

2 Math to Ms. Iwasko

3-5 Grade: Dr. Garcia & Ms. Iwasko will get the assessment from the ACE Website, and make copies for the Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies C.I.A.

All in Learning


The expectation is to use All in Learning for our Common Interim Assessments Report.

Please use the label:

GRADE CONTENT CIA DATE = K Math 1st 6 Weeks CIA 9/29/15

Once you create the answer key for the assessment, share with the PLC on All in Learning, so when you scan we can see one report as a grade level. You will be able to see your own data for your classes.

Regarding answer documents, you have the choice to print answer documents from All in Learning or enter the answers manually.

If you need any assistance on sharing the answer key, or scanning your tests, or entering the answer manually, please contact Ms. Iwasko.


You should be able to see on the tab Lessons/Assessments the assessment shared with you named: 1st Six Weeks Interim Assessment Grade ______________.

You will be receiving All in Learning answer documents along with the tests. Once you are going to scan, click on Activate and scan your answer documents.

If you have any assistance or questions regarding how find the assessment, or scan the answer documents, please contact Ms. Iwasko

Data Digs - Common Interim Assessment

Data Analysis Meetings will be held during your planning period on the following days:

Thursday 10/1

K-4 Math

5 Science

Friday 10/2

K-5 Reading

Monday 10/5

4 Writing

5 Math

Your prompt attendance will ensure that we stay focused on the agenda, and we have enough time to come up with action steps based on the analysis.

Please bring:

  • Print report from All in Learning
  • Bring students assessments sorted in red and orange (according to All in Learning). We will be looking at what students work looks like, what mastery should look like, and come up with action steps to close the gap.
  • Curriculum Map for 2nd 6 weeks

If you have any questions, please let us know.