Eco Friendly Bathroom Products

By: Samantha McCollum

Organic Towels & Shower Curtains

Choose from the organic cotton or bamboo bath towels and recycled shower curtains. These eco friendly bath towels are made of plush, organic cotton or soft silky bamboo. Shower curtains are made of sailboat sails. The shower curtains start at the price of $100. The bath towels come in a package for $200.

Natural Stone Hook & Sauna Mat

The smooth stones are secured onto aluminum posts, and mounted on beautiful solid hardwood base. All stones are collected with permission from private rivers and beaches in New England. The sauna mat is made of premium bamboo, one of the most sustainable natural fibers available. The natural stone hook price is around $99. As for the sauna mats, they are approximately $68.

Horsehair Duck Brush

Soft horsehair bristles are nestled in an oiled-hardwood handle from responsibly-managed forests. These adorable and creative scrubbers being at the price of $32.
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