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We are a wellness firm 'Nutrition Matters', consisting of accomplished Nutrition professionals with work experience of many years, in multiple geographies including Singapore.

Our Technical team comprises of Dietitians, Nutritionists, and health promotion experts who are members of Singapore Nutrition and Dietetic Association (SNDA).

We have organised lots of Nutrition workshops/camps in various corporates, cafes, voluntary organisations, restaurants and schools.

In continuation with our health promotion work and help you ace nutrition health education, we would like to propose various Nutrition Talks-

Adults Focused Workshops

1] Healthy eating For Busy Lifestyle

2] Weight Management: Do Fad Diets work?

3] Dietary Supplements: To Eat or Not To Eat?

4] 20 Super Foods

5] Eating right for Diabetes: The low glycemic Index Approach

6] Good Fats, Bad fats

7] Supermarket Smarts and How to decode Label Reading

8] Throwing Hypertension Out of your Shopping Cart

9] The Bony truth: Eating Right for Osteoporosis and Nutrition For aging

10] Optimum Nutrition for Females

11] Cholesterol Connection

12] Physical fitness at Workplace

13] Healthy Eating: Can it Prevent Cancer

14) Antioxidants ABC: Anti-ageing, Beauty, Chronic diseases

15) Probiotics vs Prebiotics

Kids Focused Workshops

1] Preventing Childhood Obesity

2] DIY Homemade Probiotics for Kids

3] How to strengthen your child's Immune System

4] Quick, Tasty, Nutritious Meal Demos

5] Nine Must Eat Nutrients For Your Kids

6] Food Allergies in children

7] Choosing Healthy Food at Supermarkets

8] A healthy lunch box

9] Healthy Plate/ Healthy Pyramid for kids

10] Food Labels- what do they mean?

11] Sugar - yes, you're sweet enough!

Adults and Kids

1] Healthy Supermarket Tours

2] Weight Management

​3] Personalized Nutrition Consultancy Services.

With this opportunity, lets together leverage on bringing the best from both sides and for many more future collaborations.

Look Forward to hear from you very soon and taking nutrition to the next level.

Best Regards

Valley Arora

Director, Nutrition Matters

ACRA Regd No- 53252513B

HP- +65 90619772

Our Panel Of Nutritionists