50 Cent


Rookie in Musicians life

Curtis Jackson (50 Cent) has broke many charts and records for his 3 Album.Although his first song was packed with famous musicians including Eminem,Alicia key's,Dr Dre,and Royce DA 5'9.After his first,it started his musician life.
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50 cent as he was interviewed to talk about his bankrupcy

"I was supposed to get shot. I lost something in life that I didn’t find until after I was shot."

-50 Cent

Early life

50 cent was born in South Jamaica 1975 July 6.He was raised by his mom,50 cent did not know his own dad.At the age of 8 50 cents mom got shot and killed, and 50 cent was forced to live with his parents.He was raised to sell crack and have his own operation.After his childhood and getting arrested he had a kid and started a change and started writing his own music.

Musical Accomplishments

50 cent had a very successful musicians life.He had a record-breaking album (Album # 3).He won 73 awards including one Grammy,but he was nominated for 118 different awards.Also one of his songs "Candy Shop" won ringtone of the year.

Interesting Facts

While 50 Cent was selling crack his business grew and grew to get really successful and by that time he owned an operation of selling crack.In 2000, 50 cent got shot 9 times and survived, in fact, one of the bullets messed up his voice so now when he sings he has a unique voice.50 cent never had a real job until he was a rapper.The name 50 Cent came from an old gangster Curtis knew.


50 Cent is now retired but also bankrupt.He has gotten a hold of a video he should not have had and posted it online.He got sued and lost millions of dollars.Although he has still been getting paid from sponsorship's and is rebuilding his fortune, slowly but surely.He lives with one of his kids and his girlfriend.50 Cent's net worth was originally 150 million, but now it is sitting at 4 million.