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Practical Ways to Disable Pop-Up Windows in Mac Browsers

Popup windows in Web browsers can be one of the most frustrating aspects of browsing the Web that can irritate you. Pop-up windows, or pop-ups, are windows that appear robotically without any prior permission. They vary in range but usually don't cover the entire screen. Pop-up blocking is turned on by default settings, so you don't have to worry about enabling it. There are numerous ways to manage or prevent popup from displaying on your Mac.

This method is used widely in this javascript is disabled temporarily. While this is one of the permanent fixes for the problem. To do this, simply what you need is to check the box to disable JavaScript in your Web browser, or in the Develop menu which can be enabled in the advanced section of Safari’s preferences.

For the major browsers here is how to enable this feature:


· Open Safari popup settings

· Check safari popup box to block pop-ups in Safari.

· Go to the Security section of Safari’s choose preferences and confirm the option to “Block pop-up windows.”

· Safari does not have the option to manage this setting for individual Web sites.

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· First of all, go to chrome popup settings

· The settings have a list for sites that require pop-ups be enabled.

· Select Preferences from the Chrome application menu, and then perform the following steps:

· Scroll down and click “Show advanced settings.”

· Tap the Content settings button in the “Privacy” section.

· Finally in the “Pop-ups” section, check the option to not allow sites to show pop-ups


· Open Opera popup settings.

· Now you will have four popup-handling settings in the General preferences section.

· Go to the Quick preferences and select from the following four options:

· Open All Pop-Ups

· Block All Pop-Ups

· Block Unwanted Pop-Ups

· Open Pop-Ups in Background

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· Open Firefox popup settings

· Now check this box to block pop-ups in Firefox

· Go to the Content section of Firefox’s preferences and check the option to Block pop-up windows.

While choosing a particular technical support company, you should always be thoughtful and make sure the selected Mac tech support professional can address your problem instantly.