Password Safety

By: Dustin Dworak

The Facts

Once or if you have created a safe and untraceable password don’t leave it around the house or anywhere. You should out it in a safe or a place where only you or your family members know in your house. Don’t give it away even to a friend if you do change it and then change it again back after their done. Never use a password that is given to you, once you login in with it or use it change the password when you’re in. Include at least seven or more characters so make it long. Always have symbols, emoticons, lower and case and upper case letters. Don’t repeat the same letters or numbers.


I completely agree with all these sources. You should always make a password a major secret and include many different letters and symbols. Don’t share a password with anybody even over email. Use different passwords I somewhat agree if you have them written down otherwise you might forget them. Passwords are an important part of your life because they can protect your very personal information. Always have a safe password that no one knows about.