Ms. Kilar's Class News

Friday, Dec. 11, 2015

Christmas Party

We will be having our Christmas party on Dec. 18. Mrs. Shepherd is helping me plan and may be calling to ask that you help with supplies or food. If you don't hear from her this time around...don't worry, there's still Valentine's Day. We will be having a breakfast in the morning and watching "Hoot" in the afternoon. The students are working toward earning a PJ day for that day too, and I'll let you know on Thursday if they fill their marble jar.

Also, if you are able to I'm still collecting a small donation to help a local family.

Language Arts

  • Reading: This week we read a story title "Jose!" about a boy born in Mexico who became one of the greatest dancers and choreographers in the world. We worked on identifying the author's purpose and details from the text to support their claim.
  • Writing: We continued working on our explanatory essay. Students selected a topic, did some brainstorming for prewriting, and started our introductory paragraph.
  • Grammar: This week we worked on a lot of pronouns. We learned about subject and object pronouns and reflexive and demonstrative pronouns. While the vocabulary words were tough for the students, I think they got the big picture about pronouns. This will come up again later in the year.


This week we continued to work on multiplication strategies for 2-digit numbers with an emphasis on multiplying with regrouping. Students will have a multiplication test next Thursday. I have sent home a practice test to help them review.

Science and Social Studies

  • Science: This week we reviewed what structures animals use for support, movement, and protection by playing a game of animal charades. Students also researched animals survival techniques like instinct, learned behavior, physical adaptations, mimicry and camouflage. Next week we will wrap up our unit of animals with a short project.
  • Social Studies: This week we continued working on our study of the Southeast region. We learned about the Montgomery Bus Boycott during the Civil Rights and we learned about cotton plantations in Mississippi.


  • No Spelling next week
  • There are three grammar review sheets, synonyms, plural nouns and sentence fluency.
  • Math - Review packet for the multiplication test

Optional Practice:

  • Students can practice spelling on Spelling City
  • Raz Kids is available on their iPads for reading and comprehension practice
  • Moby Max has practice problems and fact practice.

Important Dates

  • Dec. 17 - Multiplication test in math
  • Dec. 18 - Last Day of school before winter break
  • Dec. 18 - Please let me know if you are planning to attend camp no later than this date
  • Dec. 21 - Jan. 3 - Winter break
  • Jan. 4 - School resumes
  • Jan. 6 - Permission slips and payment for camp due
  • Jan. 14- 15 - Camp Wolverine

Special Schedule

  • Monday - Gym
  • Tuesday - Music
  • Wednesday: Library
  • Thursday: Art and Gym
  • Friday: Music

Thank you

  • Huge thank you to Mrs. Gretzinger and Mrs. Dougovito who came in Wednesday and helped the students make their Christmas gifts!! Your time and assistance was appreciated!