Summer 2015 Hybrid Classes

Hybrid classes meet on the Wake Forest campus from 12-9pm on Friday and 8am-5pm on Saturday. Remember that full attendance during the hybrid weekend is required. Contact the Distance Learning office if you have any questions - we are glad to help!

Hybrid Weekend Dates & Locations

May 29-30

Christian Theology III (Dr. McKinion) -- Binkley 105

Philosophy (Dr. Evans) -- Patterson 119

June 5-6

Great Commission Studies (Nathan Stam) -- Binkley 104

June 19-20

Baptist History (Justin Clark) -- Binkley 104

New Testament II (Jon Morales) -- Binkley 105

June 26-27

New Testament I (Dave Phillips) -- Binkley 105

Evangelism (Dr. Rob Pochek) -- Binkley 104

July 24-25

Ministry of Worship (Dr. Waggener) -- Binkley 104