Spanish 1 and 2

Señora Nelson

A little about me..

My name is Christie Nelson. I was born and raised in Seattle (excuse the Seahawks fanfare), but I reside in Coppell.

This is my 13th year teaching and my 2nd year at Coppell High School. I am looking forward to a great year C116.

Unit Themes for Spanish I and II

Please click here to view the "I Can Statements" for Spanish 1.

Please click here to view the "I Can Statements" for Spanish 2.

Learning Design

It is my goal to create an engaging and relevant classroom environment in which learners have the opportunity to collaborate, explore, take risks (safe environment), engage with technology, COMMUNICATE and practice.

Learning is centered around six themes that are looped through years one through three. The themes are: Personal and Public Identities,

Families and Communities, Contemporary Life, Beauty and Aesthetics, Science and Technology, and Global Challenges. Each unit is designed using the Understanding by Design approach in which we plan with the end goals in mind.

All units will contain interpretive (listening and reading), interpersonal (two way communication) and presentational (writing and speaking) activities and assessments. The framework of study will be based on the new Texas TEKS for Languages Other than English, which is best understood via the "I Can Statements" linked above.

Assessment/Grading Policy

Interpersonal (30%)

Presentational (30%)

Interpretive (25%)

Professional Ethics/Responsibility/Collaboration (15%)

(Click here to view the Professional Ethics Rubric)


Technology plays an integral role in the Spanish classroom when appropriate. The expectation is that students use iPads or laptops, cell phones will not generally be out during class time. This year we will begin to implement a Red (No tech), Yellow (Tech for Ed), Green (school appropriate tech) system.

Some of our favorite websites and apps:

Duelingo, Quizlet, Poll Everywhere, Conjuguemos, Word Reference, Pic Collage, Croak It, Today's Meet, Socrative and many more.

Translator/Academic Dishonesty Policy

The use of a translator is strictly prohibited in world language classrooms. This includes electronic devices as well as misuse of a native speaker. Online and handheld dictionaries are permitted for one-word queries. Students whose work exhibits evidence of use of a translator will be required to re-do an entire assignment under the teacher’s supervision for a maximum grade of 65 percent (according to Coppell High School handbook).

“Our mission is to prepare learners to communicate effectively with sensitivity and awareness of cultural differences within a global community.” –CISD LOTE Department

Contact Information

The preferred method of contact is email. Keep track of assignments, assessments dates and grades through Schoology and the Parent Home Access Center.