Scotch Tape

An innovation that "stuck".By:Josiah Burns

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Who invented Scotch Tape?

Inventor's name: Richard G. Drew

Date of birth: 1886

Date of death: 1956

Invention: Adhesive Tape

Fun fact:Drew started work as an engineer at 3M.

When was Scotch Tape invented?

Scotch tape was invented in 1923.

How did Scotch tape get its name?

While testing Mr. Drew¹s first product. . . the painter watched it fall off as he was preparing to apply the second color of a two-tone car. The tape came loose because it was not fully coated with adhesive. It had only a 1/2" wide strip of adhesive along each edge, a money saving measure. The painter angrily told Mr. Drew, "Take this back to your stingy Scotch bosses and tell them to put more adhesive on it." This ethnic slur regarding Scottish thrift may have been unjustified, but it eventually got him the stickier tape he wanted. The name "Scotch" has "stuck" ever since.

How has Scotch tape changed the world?

scotch tape has helped with many things some of which are : It has helped with painting houses, cars, and buildings. It has also helped tape things in place such as posters or flyers.

How has Scotch tape changed throughout the years?

1930: Drew develops the first waterproof, clear adhesive tape: Scotch® Cellulose Tape, later renamed Scotch® Transparent Tape.

1932: 3M's John Borden designs the first heavy-duty tape dispenser with a built-in cutter blade.

1945: After World War II, 3M resumes shipments of tapes for civilian use. More than 100 different types of Scotch tapes had been developed to meet wartime requirements. The famous plaid design is introduced to Scotch tape packages.

1961: Scotch® Magic™ Tape is launched. More than just transparent, the matte finish tape is virtually invisible on light-colored paper and can be written on with pen, pencil, or marker.

2007: Richard Drew inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. Scotch®Transparent Tape recognized as a National Historic Chemical Landmark.