New Plant !

By: Angel Valadez

Name of plant

Water ash - Acer negundo
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Description of environment

My plants lives in the rainforest. It mostly rains a lot and is some what humid when it stops raining. It's lives in the bottom floor of the rainforest. Flat area land where it grows not in bumpy areas.


1. Thorns- since there are so many animals in the rainforest it needs a way to protect it self. So it adapted thorns so the animals would not get the pouches of water from the plant.

2. Water pouch- So every plant needs water right? So the way it obtains the waster is when it rains the tall trees in the rainforest collects the water. And the water flows through the leafs down to the lower layer. With my plants curvy leafs it can collect that water and depose it to the pouches to store it, if it ever needs water.

3. The petals- So the petals have a pretty major role. When it rains water falls down. The petals are curved so if water drops fall down it's just won't go off right after. But since it's curvy it's more easier to collect the water. If the petals where flat the water would just automatically fall off.

Seed dispersal

The way my plant disposes the seeds is through the water pouch. After the plants uses that pouch to obtain water, it is no longer in use. It will just grow another one back to replace. So after it is used the wind takes it up. In the pouch is the seed. After the pouch and the seed get taken away and gets settled. The leaf erodes it self so the seed is just on the floor( or ground) since it's the rainforest it is mostly wet almost all the time. The the seed uses that water in order to grow. And the cycle repeats it self.

Similar to

Well to me this plant reminds me of a rose. Because the rose has a defensive strategy to protect it self with thorns. And that's what my plant has in order to do that.

Reproduction method.

It reproduces sexually. So in the rainforest there are so many insects. And bees have a part in this. They go to plant to plant collecting pollen and nectar. The pollen from the female bee leaves it on the plant. And the anther collects it. And goes to the ovary and makes the seeds leading to the pouch. And that's how it reproduces.